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Strength coach shuffle

Georgia’s hiring of Scott Cochran begat Alabama’s hiring of Indiana’s strength coach, which, in turn, begat Indiana’s hire of the New York Giants’ strength coach, which, in turn, begat

Confirming a number of earlier reports, Vols strength and conditioning coach Craig Fitzgerald announced on his Twitter account that he would indeed be leaving Rocky Top for the same position with the New York Giants.

Kirby’s playing chess on a dimension I can’t even comprehend any more.



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Back in red and black

For those of you who bitch that the Falcons never sign anyone of local interest…


Best of all, he can get paid for playing football in the state of Georgia without being suspended.


UPDATE:  Trying to make up for wearing that awful Georgia Tech sweater…


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“… if football is played, period.”

Bronco Mendenhall is a pretty thoughtful guy.  He’s also the head coach of the team Georgia is expecting to face in the season opener.  So, you might want to read what he says about the possibility of a shortened 2020 football season.

Mendenhall told a small group of reporters he is already preparing his program to begin from scratch — with no spring practice or formal training — on or around Aug. 1 with the beginning of fall camp.

“We’re preparing exactly with that model in place,” Mendenhall said during a videoconference. “We’re acting as if, and we’re making preparations as if, we won’t have spring practice. We possibly won’t have players here for summer school, any session, and possibly we won’t have the opportunity for anything other than fall camp to begin.

“Knowing that fall camp timing might even be pushed back, meaning that there certainly could be a chance that it’s not even be a full schedule played this year — if football is played, period.”

He is the first coach I’ve heard from acknowledging the possibility of that publicly.  What kind of preparations for what kind of season is he alluding to?

“Solutions are so wide-ranging right now and have to be because of a lack of a definitive end point to [the virus],” Mendenhall said…

“The first step would be to eliminate nonconference games from the schedule … and only play a conference schedule,” Mendenhall said. “Knowing that would still be challenging … but in relation to the options we have, that certainly might be doable. Once you are under eight games, that probably becomes a non-legitimate season.”

When does “non-legitimate” translate into a straight “non”?  ‘Cause I can’t imagine college football’s movers and shakers throwing an entire season — and postseason! — into the trash without kicking and screaming first.  Just ask this guy what’s at stake:

Asked to consider a season without college football, one Power Five athletic director said, “We’d end up cutting sports. We’d be firing people.”

If you want the real bottom line question, it’s pretty simple:  when does Mickey judge the season to be lost?  You and I can argue our perspectives here as long as we’d like, but in the end, we’ll get the season ESPN is willing to pay for.


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A GTP follow up

I’m linking to this post from a few days ago, because there’s a great story behind the picture, and Mark relayed it in the comments.  I thought it was worth a separate post to share here.

Hi, Dawg fans and GTP readers.

Over 10 years ago, the church I attended oversaw a boarding school/orphanage for street kids in Kenya in desperate straits. Similar to Worldvision and Compassion International, you could “sponsor” a child in need for around $30/month. There were two children left when I inquired about the program and sponsored them both, which included writing letters and mailing pictures back and forth.

Over the years, as they grew older, they exited the program and that was the end of contact with them. Needless to say, the “I love you and will see you in heaven one day” last letters were sad but also celebratory in terms of the misery they had avoided and the educations they had gained.

Then, a couple of years after those last farewells, they found me on Facebook and sent the same message, “Dad, when are you coming to see me?” I have no biological children and I’m the closest to a father that they have–even though we had never met in person.

So, I went for the first time to see them last year. And just went on my second trip to see them this month.

Never in a million years did I ever think I would be swimming in the Indian Ocean–let alone with a Kenyan daughter God blessed me with.


We’ve got some good folks out there.


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TFW an AD’s life flashes before his eyes

Sad face.

The University of Arkansas stands to lose potentially millions of dollars related to athletic event cancellations prompted by the coronavirus, Athletic Director Hunter Yurachek told UA System trustees Wednesday.

At the same time, the university plans to refund its season-ticket holders for the spring sports events have been cancelled, a cost of $1.75 million.

Yurachek won’t know for a few weeks just how much revenue will be lost from diminished Southeastern Conference distributions, he said, but right now schools are looking at losing $2 million to $3 million each.

Prior to cancellations, Yurachek expected about $45 million from the SEC.

The university will break even on refunds and possible repayment of sponsorships when factoring in less money spent traveling and conducting other activities, Yurachek said. But it will have a deficit overall because of the loss of SEC funds.

“So we’re looking at deficit as we close out this fiscal year,” Yurachek said. “It would be hard not to have a deficit.”

You don’t want to be Jed Clampett when the oil flow starts drying up, that’s for sure.



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American ingenuity

This was inevitable, wasn’t it.

“There are prop bets on when the NBA is going to start back, so there have been some things these last few days.”

The gaming industry is the cockroach of the US economy.  It’ll be there, no matter how much rubble.


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Look at those guns.

Say what you will about him, but at least Jamie Newman’s gonna win the stepping off the bus contest.


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At least he hasn’t lost his sense of humor.



It’s funny because he didn’t cash in using air quotes.  That’s the joke.  That’s it.


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