All dressed up and nowhere to go

Another “the math doesn’t work” quote:

The really dark cloud on the horizon is, what happens if impact of the coronavirus continues into August and beyond, impacting college football — the lifeblood of the FBS conferences?

All those new or upgraded stadiums and offices from the last decade — the facilities arms race — are built upon revenue projections related to football media contracts and attendance projections.

“I can’t comprehend it, especially looking at our place where you have facilities built specifically for housing these large gatherings, 100,000-plus people,” Texas A&M athletic director Ross Bjork said in a recent interview, “and you have financing related to that based on ticket sales and advertising and suite sales and donations.

“So the whole model rises and falls based on football. If there’s no spectators maybe we can play, but if there’s no spectators, the economics just don’t work. That’s what we have to focus on is that long-term picture.”

ZOMG!  Think of the waterfalls, people!  Talk about your first-world problems.

On the bright side, schools that have been using student fees to buy football tickets to meet NCAA attendance requirements are off the hook for the time being.




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6 responses to “All dressed up and nowhere to go

  1. JasonC

    Repo many pays a visit to uninstall the waterfalls and flatscreen TVs in each players locker space… oh, and the recording studio. Oh the humanity!


  2. Chunky A

    At least UGAs rainy day fund will keep the Dawgs on solid footing in this financial netherworld….does this mean I have to pat McGoofy on the back?


    • ATL Dawg

      I’m assuming we will hang our coronavirus championship banner to the right of our 2020 recruiting championship banner and not to the left. Even though the coronavirus started before signing day 2020, it really didn’t start significantly impacting the United States until after that. I’m just trying to think about this chronologically and championship banners usually flow left to right from oldest to most recent. And we have a number of recruiting banners, so it will be nice to add something else for a little variety. Then again, maybe we will finally start formally recognizing all of our profit margin championships over the years and give those the proper recognition they deserve with banners of their own.

      Winning on paper. The Georgia Way.

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  3. BuffaloSpringfield

    According to what I could find and it’s dated 2015 the UGA student athletic fee was $2,246. Now on a different site there were some quotes of $53 per semester yearly $116 noting other costs than athletic as transportation as in bus transportation which some students have to use but also carries various UGA teams. As I of note saw the UGA baseball team was half way to UF when notified to turn around and come back due to spring cancellations.
    The what “if’s” abound. No corporate sponsors, no TV advertising, no students on campus. Just a hint me thinks if you have your yearly supply of hand sanitizer, toilet paper etc. you might want to start picking up several cans of deodorant as the college AD’s are gonna be sweating profusely till normal if in fact there will be a normal on the other side of this tunnel we are just beginning to enter.
    I feel no sympathy for them or the 90,000 to 100,000 seat palaces they built. On the top row which a seat cost $97 after donations the game appears to be 3” tall.


  4. 81Dog

    Someone in Dallas wrote the caption on that picture saying “Texas punts the football for the extra point.” I know newspapers are failing all over, but that’s embarrassing. Someone wrote it, an editor presumably approved it, and nobody has corrected it. In Dallas, Texas. I’d expect that in the New Yorker or the Washington Post, maybe,but in DALLAS?