“Maybe, at best”

Here’s almost eight minutes on the chance that either Florida or Tennessee wins the SEC East this season:


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  1. dawgtired

    Remember the days when UF and UT were the top powers and the narrative would be, ‘maybe UGA has a chance to upset’? Man I love being top dawg.

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  2. Macallanlover

    I could have seen this the past 3 years, and maybe the 2021 season and moving out from there, but we are anything but certain to dominate the East this season. I know, the defense is very, very good, but we could be anywhere from worse than last year, to somewhat decent. I see no chance we will be better than average on offense. That doesn’t mean we cannot win the East, but it is nowhere near the slam dunk this lad is forecasting. Wish it were, but better put covers over those fingernails Dawg fans, this looks to be a stressful season, at best.


    • GP

      I think this offense could be above average. They’ll need to be considering we could face as many as 4 top 10 teams (UF, AU, Bama and LSU) through the SEC title game. I don’t see how the offense could be any worse late in games than last year’s team. Even in the big games we won last year (ND, UF and AU), the offense did almost nothing in the latter part of those games and we were able to barely hang on. Hopefully, Monken’s play calling and Newman’s athleticism will provide some answers.


    • Russ

      We won the east last season with a dysfunctional offense and I can’t see this year being worse. Our defense should be even better. If our offense picks up anything new, we can’t help but be better.

      Florida may be marginally better on offense, but I think they’re worse on defense. Tennessee might be slightly better, but they’re so far behind that it doesn’t really matter.

      I just can’t see us not “out athlete-ing” every other SEC-E team.

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    • Cojones

      It’s a sad day when good Dawg fans aren’t optimistic or overly so. When the glow begins to slow below “We’re going to clean their plow”, you should be relegated to drankin’ outside so as to lift your spirits from the floor and get snockered in the fresh air. That will help clean all those bad vibes from your system, and, if you catch a good whiff of ganja while outside, breath deep. Then you can come back and begin to post on Dawg sites again.

      As Donald Southern would say: “Don’t gimme any of those negative waves.”. Now, visualize his face when he was saying that and you have my full admonishment for your not being totally drankin’ the coolaid and wearing the rose-tinted glasses.

      From now on the sayin’ should be: “We are goin’ to slang a crooked rope right up the sombitches ass!”.


    • PTC DAWG

      Oh bullshit.


    • BigSam

      Stressful? Compared to what….being a Tennessee fan?

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    • C’mon Mac. I remember asking “Is that all they got?” about the offense by the end of the ND game last year. Yes, you are correct in thinking that if we don’t improve on offense the East will be a struggle. I guess me and all the other Disney Dawgs are clinging to the hope that it can’t be any worse and Kirby is on the mother.
      Russ, you got any more of that Kool-Aid?


      • Disney dawgs were CMR fans when we looked more like UT. We are much better as a total package now. Wish we had the best LT, but everything else is truly good. Transfer senior QBs at elite levels have proven to be valuable.

        If there is even a season


        • spur21

          “If there is even a season” more of a concern than a dysfunctional offense.


        • Got Cowdog

          Did we really ever look that bad? Like 2019 UT bad?
          And y’all, if this shit is bad enough to cancel CFB? We have way more problems than no football.


  3. Jack Klompus

    Man, Pruitt is starting to look like Fulmer.


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