Brooklyn isn’t in Montana.

Jeff Sentell looks into why Georgia is having some recruiting success in the greater New York City area.  According to one coach up there, it’s — believe it or not — familiarity.

“Georgia is very popular up here,” Whitehead said. “One thing about Georgia. Georgia is on TV a lot up here. They are on TV all the time. It is not the same way with all the programs down South. Georgia is just one of those programs where it is just a popular program. I don’t know even if I can explain how or why.”



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7 responses to “Brooklyn isn’t in Montana.

  1. I think it’s because everyone has been to Georgia via ATL or I-75 but not other southern states.


  2. Uncle Verne always said his favorite spot was Athens for a big 3:30 SEC showdown. He would have loved to have called the Notre Dame game.

    There is something different about Athens for a big game. When Sanford rocks, it’s a difficult place to play. I think that atmosphere comes off on TV.


  3. Uglydawg

    It’s the pooch mascot, Uga. Every time a TV camera pans him, Georgia gets more fans. The Bulldog, his Dawghouse, his bag of ice..his electric fan, his antics..all adored by people of all ages and especially children that grow up with a good feeling about Georgia. He IS America’s favorite mascot.
    Compare him to the rooster at SC…the ugly lizzzzard….and even the eagle at AU, though very cool, is not cute and something a kid would want to play with. People want to see and meet Uga..not so with most mascots.


  4. W Cobb Dawg

    Maybe its because seemingly one third of all the people in the north moved to the ATL region over the last 40 years. Everyone in NY, PA, Ohio, etc. has a brother, sister, aunt, uncle, nephew, niece, grandkid, etc. residing here. Not that I’m complaining.


  5. AceDawg

    People like saying “Dawgs” as well. How bout dem Dawgs. You my dawg. That’s my dawg.