My friends, a simple question for you:  has there ever been a finer seven and one-half minute start to a Georgia-Florida game than this?

All that talk of closing the gap is a stretch, because the bar started so low as to be almost subterranean.  Hell, showing up for a 0 – 0 tie at kickoff the next year closed that gap.



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17 responses to “Glorious

  1. DugLite

    The double surrender cobra at 2:33 is priceless.


  2. Timphd

    I watched the replay of this game the other day just to have some sports in my life. It is still joyous to see how badly the Gators got their asses whipped that day. Never gets old. I’ll probably watch it again soon.


  3. That first 7 1/2 minutes was about as happy as I’ve ever been as a Georgia fan (and that includes the 1981 Sugar Bowl). I’m sure the Daily Gator was saying they had started to close the gap by tying us in the 4th quarter.

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  4. Spike

    I was there, and it was special, indeed. Especially after some of the Spurrier/Meyer drubbings.

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  5. 79Dawg

    In the famous words of Bret Bielma, “it was borderline erotic”!


  6. Ginny

    I made the rookie mistake of leaving our tailgate too late, stumbling to our seats, and missing half of the first quarter. By the time we sat down, we were already up at least two scores. I wasn’t complaining. We leave the tailgate no later than 2:30 now. Won’t make that mistake again.


  7. RandallPinkFloyd

    The Sony TD where it looks like Jake basically points up the middle of the field presnap and says run it up the gut. Amazing


  8. BeardDawg

    A thing of beauty is a joy forever. My man John Keats said that!

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  9. Derek

    I’d like to just watch hours and hours of very, very sad and dejected gators. Those crowd shots are so much better than the highlights.

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    • Dawg19

      For the most part, I agree with you, Derek. But when Felipe Franks fumbled and JR Reed picked it up and tap-danced into the end zone, I was in dire need of a cold shower. Seriously, when was the last time before that play that we had a huge defensive touchdown against Florida? I was sky high, man.


  10. Classic City Canine

    I was there and it was glorious. Those first 7.5 minutes were the most fun I’ve ever had at the Cocktail Party and I was there for the Murray years. Of course, it also helps that we finished the drill.


  11. I take no joy in FU losing to UGA by 35…I’m saddened that the “sharkhumper” was replaced cause that 35 could have been 40ish the next year…#FTMF


  12. Bright Idea

    UGA backs had to be thinking, “dang, I’ve got to sprint 50 yards…again!”


  13. Wow. My first thought was F James Coley. Next was “look at all the amp” and finally kirby was setting and prepping the D like he was cheating somehow.

    2019 really didn’t have that energy though.