I got ‘yer gap right here.

Josh posted a couple of handy dandy charts, showing the state of SEC recruiting in the year 2020.

First, look at the six-year track record.


Let’s say it again:  Florida ain’t closing any gap with Georgia, so much as trying to regain lost ground.  In 2014, it posted a higher composite average, but since then, the Gators have watched Richt erase that first and then Smart run away from them.

That all being said, before we crow too much, there’s still Alabama.  No program recruiting that well and that consistently can be dismissed as a conference and national power.  Which means Georgia still has work to do.

That’s reflected in Josh’s second chart, which measures the composite averages of SEC teams’ 2020 projected rosters, position-by-position.


As Josh points out in this post, the average lowest-rated CFP team put up a .906 composite average, so you can see several SEC teams have managed to recruit at an elite level.  The problem for schools like Auburn, Florida and Texas A&M is that there’s elite and then there’s what Alabama and Georgia are doing.

In my mind, some of this takes us back to what was said in the clip I posted yesterday.  To beat Alabama and Georgia, a team either has to match them in overall talent, or have a truly exemplary quarterback who can elevate them.  Is there an SEC quarterback out there who’s capable of that this season?  And, yes, you can ask that question about Georgia as it attempts again to run down the Tide.


UPDATE:  Hey, you guys get credit!



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  1. David K

    What kind of moron makes a line graph with time displayed right to left?


  2. BMan

    That Florida QB average is suspect. The Auburn QB average is absurd.


  3. Chi-town Dawg

    The overall talent differential between UGA-Bama is negligible, basically a unlucky bounce or poor officiating call can turn it either way. However, the biggest concern I have with the position comparison is in the trenches. Both grades are high, but it worries me comparing our OL to their DL and vice versa. We’ve also got a lot of young and inexperienced, but very talented guys on offense who will have to step up very quickly in 2020 if we want to make a CFP run.


    • W Cobb Dawg

      I think our front DL of Davis, Wyatt, Herring/Walker is slightly better than bama’s first 4. Both teams are in a similar situation with depth – lots of candidates waiting for playing time.

      On the OL, bama is where we were last year with 4 returning starters. I believe we have just as much OL talent, and more depth. Bama had to start a true freshman on the OL last year, whereas that wasn’t gonna happen at UGA. At this moment, the difference is we had 3 OLs depart early and bama had 1 leave early. Our backup OLs simply haven’t been given much playing time, so we don’t know how good they are…yet.

      I won’t say we’ve passed them across the board. But we’re definitely headed that way. The 2020 class may be the one that puts us clearly ahead for the near future.


  4. GruvenDawg

    Man…we are right there. I really hope the offense has time to gel by game 3. I would love for us to get the Bama monkey off our back.


  5. Interesting to see Mississippi State steadily climbing. I wonder if the pirate can build on that….


  6. Mayor

    Dealing with the Senator’s question, Harrison Bailey might be the elite QB who can lift UT to that higher level and also obtain upsets against higher rated programs but he will be only a freshman this coming season and without a spring practice. Likely his impact will be in the future.


  7. Cojones

    Take a look at the Gamecocks OL rating. Who woulda thunk it?


  8. Classic City Canine

    That DL gap is glaring. I know Trey Scott has upped his game over the past two cycles, but he still has work to do, especially in getting guys to the League.

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    • Yeah, that’s hurting our DL recruiting. From what I’ve read and seen over the past couple of years player development is Scott’s strength. But he’s got to develop some of his players into higher-round draft picks. Assume Jordan Davis will get drafted but have no idea what round.


  9. practicaldawg

    Interesting how Tenn and UF track pretty well together roster-wise, yet Tenn gets absolutely dismantled by them on the field every year.


  10. josh hancher

    Bennett didn’t factor into average.. Outside top 1200..


  11. HamDawg11

    “To beat Alabama and Georgia, a team either has to match them in overall talent, or have a truly exemplary quarterback who can elevate them.”
    I see what you’re saying, but SCe didn’t exactly meet either of those criteria last year, did they?


  12. Cousin Eddie

    My take away is the “gap” between UGA and uf is as far as the difference between uf and Ark.


    • Down Island Way

      FU and the barners shadow each other, seems about right….should FU pony up for their hc, he truly will be Gus mullen