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He’s not an immunologist, but he did stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night.

Somebody’s already getting antsy about that sweet revenue flow.

At least he didn’t say Easter.



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“If we don’t fans are going to quit coming, and I can’t say I blame them.”

David Ching does a walk through of the non-conference schedules for every SEC team, and I’ve got to tell you, as much grief as we’ve given Florida over the years for not venturing out of state much, it’s really Alabama that deserves shit for its low profile in scheduling courage.

When Alabama visits Texas in 2022, it will be the first time since 2011 – when it visited Penn State – that the Crimson Tide has played a non-conference game at a campus site. Eleven years! Obviously Saban’s strategy of playing a marquee opener at a neutral site and three cupcakes at Bryant-Denny has been effective, but is it any wonder that attendance is slipping even at arguably the nation’s preeminent football program?

‘Bama is stepping up in the twenties (shamed by Kirby, perhaps?), but for a guy who’s notoriously whined about students not staying through all four quarters in Tuscaloosa, he sure has been serving up some mighty thin gruel in that regard.

By the way, in case you’re wondering…

Like Florida, South Carolina and Kentucky, Georgia plays an in-state rival every year – Georgia Tech – from the ACC. That being the case, those programs are generally the most likely to play two Power Five, non-SEC opponents. Florida did it three times in the 2010s, South Carolina did it four and Georgia did it six. That includes UGA home-and-homes with Notre Dame, Clemson and Colorado. The Bulldogs are slated to play neutral-site games in each of the next three years – versus Virginia in Atlanta (2020), Clemson in Charlotte (2021) and Oregon in Atlanta (2022) – but perhaps no program in the country has been as aggressive as UGA in scheduling future home-and-home series. The Bulldogs will play at least two Power Five, non-conference opponents in all 10 years of the 2020s, and they will play three in 2028, 2029, 2030 and 2031. Check out these future non-conference slates: in 2028, Georgia visits Texas and hosts Florida State and Georgia Tech; in 2029, the Bulldogs host Texas and visit Clemson and Georgia Tech; in 2030, Georgia hosts Clemson, Ohio State and Georgia Tech; and in 2013, the Bulldogs host Oklahoma and visit Ohio State and Georgia Tech. Wow.

Wow, indeed.


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You gotta make money to make money.

Too bad they don’t count this in the Director’s Cup standings.

Now, here are the five highest-grossing programs in each FBS conference…

1. Georgia — $123 million
2. Auburn — $95 million
3. Alabama — $94.6 million
4. LSU — $92 million
5. Tennessee — $91 million

Say, what do you you figure the odds are that B-M uses the coronavirus disruption as an excuse to raise contributions next year?


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Your 3.25.20 Playpen

You know, I had several topics in mind for today — and then I came across this.

I have no words.  But if you do, the comments beckon.


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Your Daily Gator isn’t sweating the loss of spring practice.

Florida doesn’t appear on this list of the twenty programs most likely to be affected by the closure of spring practice.  (But Georgia does.)  No doubt Kyle Trask is polishing his Heisman Trophy acceptance speech as you read this.  Yeah, baby!


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So far, and yet so near.

While there’s a lot to glean from Josh’s last stab at recruiting rankings and teams that make the college football playoffs, the one thing that really jumps out from his post is that 2019 Alabama seems destined to go down as by far the best team in the four-school CFP era not to make the playoffs.

For what it’s worth, going forward, that ought to be the standard by which any two-loss team should be judged in the context of being playoff-worthy — if your team isn’t better than 2019 ‘Bama, sorry, no go.


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“This is just the tip of the iceberg.”

If you really wonder about whether there’s going to be any sort of college football played in 2020, keep in mind that athletic directors are starting to freak out and there’s still a lot of money to be paid if there is at least a part of a regular season and post season that can be broadcast.

In other words, let Occam’s razor be your friend.


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Death, where is thy sting… er, ching?

T. Boone Pickens:  I’ve come up with the most awkward way to raise funds from alumni and boosters.

University of Mississippi:  hold our beer (served with a side of coronavirus).  Act today, donors, before it’s too late!

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Whole lotta stoopid goin’ on

So, this was a thing yesterday.


Notice he said “NCAA rules”, not the NCAA.  That’s because…


Yep, Clemson compliance took the ball and ran with it, PR consequences be damned.  The NCAA was very quick to distance itself from the decision.

“The NCAA did not ask Trevor Lawrence to take down his fundraiser for COVID-19 patients and their families,” the NCAA said in a statement. “We continue to work with member schools so they have the flexibility to ensure that student-athletes and communities impacted by this illness are supported, and we applaud Trevor for his efforts.”

I guess you know things are serious when the NCAA doesn’t resort to its usual “Stacey Osburn has no comment” take.

There’s a happy ending, though, once everyone stopped with the amateurism knee-jerkery.


So, you see, Clemson wasn’t wrong to stop Lawrence’s good work.  It was just wrong to assume the NCAA wouldn’t waive the restrictions.  But, seriously, who could blame them?  I mean, who knew kids would want to monetize their public image for something other than tats and weed?


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“That’s the profession.”

Yeah, I know it happened, but it’s still somewhat amazing to read the affirmation:

“I remember thinking, ‘Is it going to come down to a kid pretending to pee in the end zone that’s going to cost us our jobs?'” recounted Rich Rodriguez, who was Ole Miss’ offensive coordinator last season.

I mean, how often do you see a quote like that and immediately recognize the context for it?

Even the guy who now occupies the Ole Miss head-coaching office, Lane Kiffin, agrees he wouldn’t be in Oxford now had that not happened. “That just shows you how stupid this profession is,” Kiffin told ESPN. “If that kid doesn’t lift his leg or they make the extra point [and end up winning], Matt Luke is still here and Joe Moorhead is fired the next day [at Mississippi State] instead of the other way around.

When Junior is the voice of reason, you know things have gotten really stupid.


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