So far, and yet so near.

While there’s a lot to glean from Josh’s last stab at recruiting rankings and teams that make the college football playoffs, the one thing that really jumps out from his post is that 2019 Alabama seems destined to go down as by far the best team in the four-school CFP era not to make the playoffs.

For what it’s worth, going forward, that ought to be the standard by which any two-loss team should be judged in the context of being playoff-worthy — if your team isn’t better than 2019 ‘Bama, sorry, no go.



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  1. W Cobb Dawg

    Unless more teams like LSU can manage an extraordinary season, we’re gonna see the same 5 or so teams in the playoff …forever. It’s one tough club to break into.

    Bama lost 2 and didn’t deserve to be in. End of story.

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    • Easy to say until we have another year like 2007, when the season is so screwy that there has to be a 2-loss team in the CFP.


      • W Cobb Dawg

        I’m not saying there won’t be 2-loss teams in the playoff. Considering Nick’s age, I imagine even the sec is likely to have a 2-loss team in the cfp as teams jockey to fill the void (when he leaves). Oklahoma, tOSU and Clemson could lose two and still be conference champs. But since those top teams also have the star-power, it’ll be tougher for the also-rans to get a break when Mickey selects the playoff teams.

        But the 2019 playoff teams all had better records than bama, and all were conference champs. There’s no logical argument for selecting bama. Uber-talented teams can lose, as bama proved.


    • I didn’t take time to read the link, but to WCD’s 5 teams forever? I think loosening up on transfer rules and allowing NIL compensation is going to level the playing field somewhat.


  2. josh hancher

    That is the Crux of all my data.

    It takes talent and there are 5 teams that SHOULD be in mix every year and another 5 that COULD be in mix.

    LSU is in the SHOULD category. They were, until last year, one of the under achievers.

    Texas and USC have no excuse to be this far off.

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  3. Bob

    Alabama played two teams. They lost to both of them. End of discussion about best two loss team.


    • josh hancher

      No one was saying they deserved to be in. – at least I wasn’t. But there average 247 composite was .941. Their Offensive/Defensive net was 3 yards.

      The Iron Bowl metrics having that as a Bama win 97% of the time.

      I don’t think they get in even with a win over Auburn. For once – Bama was an underachiever. Anyone that wants to criticize UGA wasting talent – goes to show that you need some breaks.

      And refs that don’t suck.