You gotta make money to make money.

Too bad they don’t count this in the Director’s Cup standings.

Now, here are the five highest-grossing programs in each FBS conference…

1. Georgia — $123 million
2. Auburn — $95 million
3. Alabama — $94.6 million
4. LSU — $92 million
5. Tennessee — $91 million

Say, what do you you figure the odds are that B-M uses the coronavirus disruption as an excuse to raise contributions next year?



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10 responses to “You gotta make money to make money.

  1. “Elvis is Dead, and I Don’t Feel So Good Myself”

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  2. Bright Idea

    I don’t believe B-M would do that unless UGA wins the national championship. Asking for an increase after this mess would be like raising taxes during a recession. It would ultimately cost more than it would help.


  3. Texas Dawg

    It will be interesting tomorrow when they look at the FCS teams. It is going to be hard for the lower tier FBS teams like Georgia Southern to justify staying in FBS if they are significantly out grossed by FCS teams. Other than ego, there is no reason that Georgia Southern should be in FBS (this applies to a lot of other teams as well). They went from a FCS super power to a FBS after thought.


    • Georgia Southern’s move to FBS was dumb. The Eagles should have stayed at FBS and fought it out with ND State. Even though App State has been extremely competitive after the jump, they went from big fish in a small pond to average fish swimming with sharks. Their biggest hope is that the playoff expands to 8 with a guaranteed bid to a Group of 5 representative.


      • Cynical Dawg

        App State went 13-1 and all they got was a trip to the RL Carrier Bowl which paid out $825,000. They could have scheduled a beatdown game with Georgia or Clemson and made $1.5 million.


        • App lost to Georgia Southern at home. If they win that game, I have no doubt they end up as the Group of 5 representative in the New Year’s 6 at 14-0. That’s what they’re shooting for right now until the playoff expands to 8. While I don’t believe the G5 should get an automatic spot, I believe that is going to happen.