He’s happy to be back.

You guys know I couldn’t care less about the NFL, but in this case I’ll gladly make an exception.


Hey, it’s not like we don’t have the time now — what’s your favorite Gurley moment in red and black?


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  1. Bwaredogs

    Returning opening kick vs Auburn after the suspension. Even though it was called back, that was incredible. Other favorites are 75 yarder at Clemson and slant from Murray vs Florida.

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    • 79Dawg

      It may not be in the record books, but it will always be in my memory!


    • Same, that was an amazing run back. Flew in from Cali for that one. Went nuts despite the phantom call that brought it back.


    • Boz

      I saw both the Clemson and the Auburn returns live and in person and the Auburn return gets the nod due to his first game back, night game, crowd going absolutely bonkers. Felt like people around me were crowd surfing.. just an awesome moment until it was called back. Unfortunately, it turned into one of more depressing wins after TG3’s career ended with knee injury.

      PS – love the Leon Bridges in the video!


      • Union Jack

        +1 on Leon Bridges. Although Bridges grew up in Dallas, I wonder if the folks at RocNation knew he was born in Atlanta?


    • Jim

      Auburn opening kick was mine too


  2. RangerRuss

    Gurley’s 100+ yard kickoff return against Clemson that was the beginning of 31 unanswered points culminating in a kneel down at the CU goal line. Big ol ass whooping.
    It’s great to be a Georgia Bulldog!

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    • Still my favorite (although the kick return against Auburn was pretty damn cool):


    • practicaldawg

      Same. That one just stays with me because I was sitting lower level SW side and had such a great view of it live. There was another TD play later that game where he just ran around the entire DL like they were standing still and I knew I had never seen a faster, larger human being in my life.

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  3. DawgPhan

    Watching him play was such a treasure. The best player I have seen between the hedges.

    That opening TD kick return against Buffalo(?).

    The overtime game against Tech where Gurley takes it for straight times for 2 scores.

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  4. barneydawg

    His 50 yard, wobbly, wounded duck pass vs Vanderbilt. Todd is the most effective passer in UGA history.


  5. The first TD dive vs UK was electric also. . .

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  6. W Cobb Dawg

    Gurley is a TD machine. In 15 games last year he scored 14 TDs – and that’s a bad year?! And 54 TDs over the last 3 seasons. More than anything else, the Falcons needed a player with a nose for the goal line.


  7. Classic City Canine

    That 2014 Clemson game is my favorite Gurley moment (capped by that kickoff return) and my 2nd favorite game in Georgia history after the Rose Bowl. (I’m only 29 so I wasn’t here for the 80’s.) He’s the best RB I have ever seen and it’s not like I don’t see great ones regularly.

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    • Will Adams

      Same here. I’m 34 so I wasn’t around for Herschel. We have been blessed with a ton of elite RB’s but Gurley is the best I’ve ever seen in person. He was the best player on the field in every game he played. I was talking with a friend about some fantasy football his rookie year in the league and I told my buddy that he was without a doubt going to be the best back in the league. And sure enough he was up until he got hurt. It really is a shame because he was the most exciting runner in the league when he was 100%. I’m a Jags fan due to the fact that I grew up in North Fl. but I’ll be pulling for Gurley and the Falcons this year and am excited he’s back in Ga. I hope he helps ATL beat the crap out of Brady and the Bucs this year. Either way, it’s going to be fun to watch as long as we actually get a season this year.


  8. FlyingPeakDawg

    When he took the handoff at the 2 yard line vs. the Gamecocks….wait.


  9. 1- When he announced his decision to attend UGA…2- First time i saw him in the “red top with silver bottoms”…..


  10. The entire 2014 Clemson game.

    I was listening to it on the radio. In a camper. At Unicoi State Park in north Georgia. Holding and rocking my 18-month-old son, trying to get him to fall asleep, during the entire 4th quarter.

    It was the last night of a 9-day 2,000-mile trip my wife and I were taking — with our first child — to visit friends in Tennessee and my sister in Birmingham. We were EXHAUSTED that night, sitting in that camper. The next day we would drive from Unicoi all the way back to Maryland.

    That night we were tired. But I was so excited when I figured out I could get the game on the camper radio….since I had no cellphone signal. My wife was reading a book.

    Something magical and a little other-worldly about that experience.


    • Tony Barnhart

      What’s so awesome about the 2014 Clemson game is that it was also the very first time everyone said ohhhh shit about Nick Chubb as well. That’s the night we cemented our modern run as Running Back U.


  11. Mary Kate Danaher

    Single handedly beating Tech in overtime.