Through and out the portal

Rivals takes a shot at ranking all the 2020 quarterback transfers here, and the name that tops the list should be familiar to y’all.

1. Jamie Newman – Wake Forest to Georgia





6’4″ | 215 lbs | DUAL QB
Graham, NC

If you’re wondering how that 9.2 translates, here you go:

9.1- 9.9 — A very-high impact player who should start the moment he steps on the field and will change the outlook of a program immediately.

I do think it’s going to be interesting to track Newman’s season at Georgia in comparison to K.J. Costello’s under the Pirate.  Who knows?  They might both turn out to give Kyle Trask a run for his money.


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10 responses to “Through and out the portal

  1. Macallanlover

    Nah, all the QBs that kept Trask on the bench the past 8 years have either given up football totally, or transferred to Hogville in one case. No way there could be any other QB out there that can compete with the next Heisman candidate. I mean let the guy win one battle in his post puberty life.


  2. Costello is likely going to put up some big numbers in the Pirate’s scheme. He has already proven he can play in a run-first, pro-style scheme at Stanford. It’s probably a good fit for a pro-style pocket passer who already has proven he has the chops to play the position and wants to improve his draft stock.

    I’m excited to see Newman because he should have an offensive line that doesn’t force him to make plays with his legs and he’ll have skill guys around him that he could have never dreamed of playing with at Wake.


  3. Mayor

    I just realized. Newman has 2 seasons of eligibility left! I know kids always want to leave early for the NFL if there is a chance they’ll be drafted but maybe not this time.


      • Silver Creek Dawg

        Mayor is not right. Redshirted in ’16, barely played in ’17, won the starting job in ’18 and held it through ’19. Has 1 yr eligibility left.

        Chase Brice formerly of Clemson has 2 yrs left. He graduated in 3 yrs.


    • W Cobb Dawg

      I may be mistaken, but I believe he’s a 5th year senior.

      2016 redshirt
      2017 barely saw field
      2018 started after Hartman went down
      2019 starter
      2020 UGA


  4. DawgPhan

    All the folks that know QBs say he can play.

    He seems to be making the most of this time right now.

    I hope he has a great season.


  5. Scuba

    Without G day QBR its just not possible to compute. I am looking forward to the Tuscaloosa trip leaving with another happy ending. Kirby gets to claim first assistant to beat the man on the road to glory. Yea I could live with that.