Another peek at the roster

Seth Emerson posted a piece ($$) a couple of days ago, ranking the position groups on Georgia’s roster by talent (i.e., recruiting rankings) and experience.

You’ll have to read it for the deets, but I wanted to share the overall data:

Returning production

1. OLB: 100% of tackles, 100% of TFL, 100% of sacks
2. DB: 77.7% of tackles, 86.2% of TFLs, 80% of sacks
3. ILB: 72.2% of tackles, 72.4% of TFL, 100% of sacks
4. WR: 68.9% of receiving yards
5. DL: 62% of tackles, 66.1% of TFLs, 75% of sacks
6. OL: 36% of starts
7. RB: 33.3% of rushing yards
8. QB: 8% of passing yards
9. TE: 7.4% of receiving yards

You might want to filter that through Bill Connelly’s lens, but the gist is what we’ve all surmised this offseason:  Georgia’s defense is going to be stout.  And while the offensive news isn’t nearly so cheery, as Seth notes, Kirby’s done some pretty good shoring up at quarterback and tight end this offseason, as Newman’s yardage numbers last season are close to Fromm’s and the same can be said for McKitty’s compared to the two departing tight ends.

Positional recruiting rating average

1. OLB: .9589 average player composite rating (average of 4.14 stars)
2. RB: .9548 (4.4)
3. ILB: .9505 (4.14)
4. OL: .9353 (4.13)
5. WR: .9351 (4.0)
6. DB: .9300 (4.00)
7. DL: .91705 (3.64)
8. TE: .9094 (3.8)
9. QB: .8745

Hmmm… outside linebacker is the most talented position group and it also returns 100% of last season’s production.  Is that good?  I’m thinking that’s good.


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4 responses to “Another peek at the roster

  1. spur21

    I read that piece – it made me smile. I’d like for Seth to do the same with our opponents roster. Of course it may be a moot point with this nasty virus floating around.


  2. The talent is there on offense. The question is how long is it going to take for it to come together and gel.

    The defense has the potential to be truly nasty.

    That’s a recipe for a big dose of manball. The first law of manball is “do no harm” on offense. The second law is manage the clock and field position. The third law is run the ball and stop the run.

    If we’re going to have to play like this, we’re going to need the defense and special teams to create some field position.

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    • Russ

      Yeah, I see a return to manball this fall, at least early on. But for some reason it doesn’t bug me the way it did last season. I guess I can understand why we’d play manball this fall given all the new pieces and lack of prep time. Last year, I just felt like we wasted a talented QB and RBs/TE.

      Plus, I’m looking forward to watching our defense smother other teams.


      • I am concerned about a manball approach against Alabama because they are the one team on the schedule that can play up tempo and match us using manball concepts.

        Manball became a negative after the South Carolina game. We were bullying people with our offensive line and being truly balanced.