Looking back (not in anger)

Here’s a fun way to waste your morning — Josh’s detailed review of the offense in last season’s Notre Dame game, video clips and all.  Enjoy.


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  1. Barstooldawg

    That is one constipated offense.


  2. I worked an extra year for that ticket. I flew my brother in from LA and we had an epic time. I’m so glad we did it now, he’s really worried being that he has asthma.

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  3. I watched the SEC Network replay of that game last night, so this is definitely timely. It was the epitome of manball (in a good way). As the defense wrapped itself around the ND offense, forced 3-and-out after 3-and-out & created a couple of turnovers, the offense slowly but surely took over the game. The only response Brian Kelly had at that point was to tell players to go down for “injuries” that really were “My teammates are gassed, and we need a break.” The officiating in that game was horrible. I counted at least 3 DPIs that should have been called including the one on our last real offensive play where the DB practically mugged Pickens on a 50/50 ball without his head turned.


  4. Bulldog Joe

    What a fun weekend that was.


  5. Great job, Josh. Got distracted by the Heery’s ad, but finished your article eventually.

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  6. josh hancher

    I appreciate that guys. I want to do more – definitely will stitch drives together instead of individual plays.

    How about Auburn next?

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  7. We won the game but the offense set the tone for the rest of the season. That game showed that the offense wasn’t going to be special and certainly couldn’t afford turnovers against any decent team. Muschamp must have had an easy time game planning.

    Of course, we still had a shot to win that game, and likely would have without a turnover or two, and we likely would have made the playoffs. The passing game and OC were rarely above average last year. Oh well. At least there will be all new pieces and I don’t have to keep worrying if it was the OC, QB or both. It could be worse than last year but I’m excited to see what the new blood can do.


  8. The defense was another Smart, championship caliber defense. I still hate kickers.

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  9. josh hancher

    Came into that game 6.7 yards per carry. We really had one outstanding offensive game in conference play – UT.

    ND was giving up tons of yard on the ground.