So predictable

Hey, guess what, guys?

Hope y’all enjoy the current transfer waiver process, ’cause it’s still got legs.



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  1. Tom Mars’s legal practice approves of this message.


    • By the way, this kind of stuff is exactly why the Power 5 need to tell the rest of Division I to stuff it and do their own thing. The non-Power 5 programs that play D1 sports triples the number of schools in the Power 5. Given each institution gets one vote, surprise, surprise, surprise, the non-P5 schools control the agenda. Since the 1-time free transfer rule will likely hurt those programs more than P5 schools, they are binding together to make sure it doesn’t happen.


      • TN Dawg

        I tend to agree.

        4 12-team divisions at the top.

        And they probably should just leave the NCAA.

        Let the NCAA focus on real student-athlete programs at smaller levels and let the big boys go off and do their player pay, NIL, free agency and whatever semi-pro model they have in mind.

        Let the little/less competitive schools operate under the old NCAA models that apply better to true playing for a college ride kids that actually are using athletic ability to obtain a degree rather than chasing a professional football dream.

        It’s silly really to govern South Dakota State and Alabama under the same rules. They are entirely different college football models.


        • I would say exactly the same thing about basketball and baseball.


        • ASEF

          It would make a lot of sense. I’m guessing the legal fig leafs they’re using against player advocacy lawsuits make that impossible at the moment.


          • Gaskilldawg

            No, it isn’t “legal fig leaves.”
            The NCAA distributes a lot of money to the power 5 schools from its tournaments, primarily the NCAA men’s basketball tournament. The NCAA provides administration of every championship for every power 5 sport except football. Not all power 5 sports field thd exact teams. A lot of power 5 nonrevenue sports need to schedule division 1 opponents that are not power 5 schools in order to field schedules.
            The NCAA provides a larger base of schools to spread risk from a risk management perspective.
            I seriously doubt that all 67 power 5 teams would vote to leave the NCAA (I included Notre Dame in that number since it is ACC for its other sports.)
            If they did it would find the television value of its men’s basketball tournament to be a fraction of what it is now.
            More likely is a repeat of the intra NCAA battle in 1978(?) which led to the subdivision of Division 1 football into 1 and 1A with 1 conferences granted more autonomy in certain areas.


  2. Cousin Eddie

    Next tweet to just say “2022,” because they will blow it of a full year if they can.