Where have all the good times gone?

Dan Wolken wonders if college athletic departments, after an unprecedented period of rising revenues and expenditures, are about to be presented with the check.  The first response he gets is so telling about our times:

“One of the byproducts we’re facing is people who have lost 25 or 30% of their net value of their portfolio or their retirement funds, that’s going to have some impact on us,” said Utah State athletic director John Hartwell, who finished a $36 million project in 2016 that added 24 luxury suites and more than 700 premium seats to the Aggies’ football stadium. “You could have someone who was buying a suite and 10 club seats but may say, hey I don’t need those extra seats anymore. I think we all have to be prepared for that, but we’re trying to be as proactive as we can. We’re making sure we try to touch base with all of our donors to keep them engaged.”

They’ll worry about the folks in the cheap seats later.


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2 responses to “Where have all the good times gone?

  1. BuffaloSpringfield

    Eh ….. uh….. they still have cheap seats ? What is this you speak of ?


  2. 123fakest

    Lower the prices, Genius.