Meet the new meme

I’ve been waiting for something to drop and it’s finally here — the reason to doubt Georgia wins the SEC East.

Blame it on no spring practice, kids.  Here’s Barrett Sallee leading off.

Following him in the lineup is Pete Fiutak.

The Bulldog talent level isn’t a problem after years of phenomenal recruiting, but there’s still a whole lot of work to do with ten players showing off at the NFL Combine, and with at least 13 starters expected to be off the Sugar Bowl-winning team.

And that’s the problem everyone has to deal with – there’s no spring football to figure out all of the parts of the puzzle that have to fit.

Pete does a lot of “every other program would be jealous of Georgia’s talent level” offsetting, but then he gives the game away with this:

They miss LSU and Texas A&M from the West, but they have to face Auburn in their annual showdown and they get what should be improved Missouri, South Carolina and Kentucky teams on the road.

South Carolina’s revamped its offensive staff and Missouri’s breaking in an entirely new coaching staff (along with a new quarterback), but somehow both should be improved against the likes of a Georgia team with far better depth and talent?  Sure, Pete.

I’m not minimizing the work Monken has ahead of him, but you know what every other program should be jealous of about Georgia?  The defense.  There isn’t a team in the division that returns as much experience and talent as the Dawgs do.  You can cover a whole lot of figuring out what to do on offense with that.


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16 responses to “Meet the new meme

  1. I swear I believe the college football media looks for a reason to Dawgrade our chances at every opportunity. That never happens at other elite programs around the country. Bama loses guys (and most years, coaches) every year, and they’re reloading. No one says the teams in the Almost Competitive Conference are improving to challenge little ol’ Clempson. Same for anOSU. Sure, this year is always going to be the year Texas is going to be back, but that doesn’t mean OU is going to be right in the middle of the playoff discussion.

    A program that has lost all of one division game the last 3 years and that was a pure fluke doesn’t get any respect.

    Senator, you’re right. A defense that’s likely to be this nasty can cover up a lot of issues that may exist on the offensive side of the ball.

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    • Anonymous

      I swear I believe the college football media looks for a reason to Dawgrade our chances at every opportunity.

      They don’t look for reasons. They have one and only one reason.


    • Well, it’s Barrett Sallee leading the charge here. But yeah, Barrett’s right: no way the Dawgs run the gauntlet of Missouri, South Carolina and Kentucky on the road. Doomed. DOOMED!


    • 81Dog

      It’s always the same for UGA. All our player losses? Irreplaceable. All our new coaches? Will take too long to adjust. All our question marks? Nothing but bad answers.

      But, same, questions about all our opponents? Everything will break correctly for their benefit. All of it will combine perfectly.

      FTMFs. Suit ’em up, let’s play.

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  2. 92 Grad

    Like you, I wouldn’t under estimate the work that Monken has in front of him. But. Our QB is a fifth year senior, any player on O in our program can at least handle blocking assignments for likely the best RB group in the conference.

    But no, every other SEC program with bigger question marks will hit the ground running, no problem, its just that Georgia will be struggling.

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    • Down Island Way

      All things being equal here, if UGA is just struggling, some/most other programs (that don’t have a bagman) will really be fucking STRUGGLING….the dumb ass virus is alive and well, with no vaccine in sight (trust me on dumb ass stuff, i’m not only the president but i own the dumb ass company)


  3. DawgByte

    I may be naive, but since Spring ball was canceled the NCAA will expand Fall practice by allowing it to start early. If that happens that will give Georgia’s new offense time to gel and the Meme goes bye-bye.


  4. practicaldawg

    Loss of spring practice will impact all schools more or less equally. I’ll pick the team with the most talent every time in this scenario.

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  5. practicaldawg

    Also, let’s talk about which teams would benefit the most if fans aren’t in the seats and home field advantage evaporates. Sure makes the Alabama game look different. Also, how will the Willy B make a sandstorm with no sand?

    Other than Auburn, I don’t think it matters much for us because our home schedule is so soft to begin with.


  6. Union Jack

    Talking season is even sillier this year because there hasn’t been any spring practice happy talk and observation. All the pundits only have their theories from their head to inspire their work.

    Throw in some added pressure of developing a steady stream of clicks to switch having to cover the pandemic full time and/or face a layoff, the pundits will push the through the posts that will rile up the fanbases and get them to read.

    So if you are college football beat writer what do think will convert to more clicks? The most talented team in the SEC East will maintain the status quo because they have recruited the most talent, return the most talent, have improved their coaching staff and played at a level above most of the division for three years and it looks like it will continue? Or perhaps, you write some pieces that these teams may have closed the gap or are even the SEC favorites despite not recruiting at the same level, returning the same level of talent or adding significant coaching talent like the 3 time SEC champs?

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  7. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    Enjoy this instead:


  8. The annual problem is theres never any accountability with these guys. You could say Trask heisman, Florida undefeated and no one is going to check in December.

    Plus, it’s all just for clicks and hits. UF fans will spend a lot of money and hope this summer and fall until we steal there lunch money and beat them up.


    • The solutions to this and other moron problems are: ignore the moron or laugh at the moron. Laughter is good for you, so I choose option 2.


  9. Doug

    I’m fine with the pundits lowballing our chances. Just more bulletin-board material for us, while the Gators (and even, for some bizarre reason, the Vols) spend the offseason basking in the spotlight as the New Shiny Thing and obsessing over their own press clippings.


  10. addr

    When thinking about Georgia it really isn’t that hard.

    Defense is likely to be as good or better than the unit that dominated everyone not named LSU.

    Offense has nowhere to go but up. If you want to somehow convince yourself that Monken will do a worse job than Coley, I won’t stop you, but I have a hard time seeing how the offense isn’t at least somewhat improved.

    Special teams will obviously miss hot rod, but at least last season he was pretty mortal, so call it a slight regression.

    At best it is a push compared to last season. No one else in the division had improved enough in the off-season to even sniff favorite status.


  11. Tony Barnhart

    I think I hate Covid19 worse than Auburn and Florida combined. I’m so beat down by this whole thing, the shit talk about the season seems to come from Mars.

    I kind of don’t even give a shit what we look like after all everyone will have been through by that point, assuming they even play.