Blowed up on Rocky Top

Josh continues his yeoman’s work reviewing last year’s offense with this take on what happened in Knoxville here and here, but my favorite play from that game was this play from the defense:


From the first “oooh” you can hear in the background as Stokes delivers the hit to the ref’s block to help spring Crowder, to the way Crowder ducks under the oncoming Vol to finish the play, it’s really a perfect fifteen seconds of Georgia football.  Gotta love it.



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16 responses to “Blowed up on Rocky Top

  1. I love Eric Stokes. He came in as one of those 3-star types who found a way to get on the field. As the 5-star DBs have come flowing in, none of them have come close to knocking him out of the lineup.

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  2. Salty Dawg

    Thanks for the Dawg porn, Senator! I’ll be back in a sec…

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  3. Spike

    That hurts just looking at it. Ooof..


  4. mwo

    Stokes shook that kid’s soul loose from his body with that hit.

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  5. gastr1

    Fumble runbacks for TDs in Knoxville are the best.

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  6. W Cobb Dawg

    We don’t blitz enough.


  7. spur21

    While practicing social distancing I may put that clip on loop and just sit here smiling for the rest of the day.


  8. Russ

    Great way to start the week! Reminds me of Marcus Howard separating Colt Brennan from the ball (or was it his spleen?) in the Sugar Bowl.

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  9. josh hancher

    I made a special edit – kinda messed – stay to the end. #scoop-n-score

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  10. I loved everything about that clip aside from the fact that it made John Sully sad.


  11. pcpup

    Notice that Tae kept the QB from getting rid of the pass by jumping so high into the passing lane.


  12. As the abuse tactician of a rather disreputable group of dawg fans….it is my professional advice to the assembled dawg fans that on occasions/plays such as this is to turn to the nearest UT fan and tell them…”play Rocky Top now, A-Hole” Always shuts em up.


  13. mwo

    My row usually says rocky top that, mfer.