TFW clickbait works

Honestly, even after I read this, I have no idea what Jeff Sentell is getting at with the comparison, but I’ll always check out an article when the header invokes the immortal name of Fred G. Sanford.

You ol’ heathen.


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4 responses to “TFW clickbait works

  1. RangerRuss

    During this serious time a bit of topical humor is necessary.


  2. Athens Dog

    I don’t read recruiting news. But like you, I clicked on it because of Fred. Funny stuff. “I’m coming Elizabeth” “You BiG DUMMY”


  3. Hogbody Spradlin

    Redd Foxx philosophy:
    “G_d gave a fart a smell for people who can’t hear,
    and he gave a fart a sound for people who can’t smell”


  4. Pcpup

    Vince Dooley Field at Fred G. Sanford Stadium. That’s S-A-N-F-O-R-D, period.