“The big part was hiring Scott…”

So, if I understand this Mike Griffith article correctly,

  • Kirby values Scott Cochran’s ability to relate to players (and, presumably, to motivate them) and his recruiting skills.
  • According to Smart, Cochran’s been involved on some level with special teams going all the way back to their days together at LSU.
  • The entire staff, including Smart, will be involved in coaching special teams.
  • “Ask anyone who’s been around him, Scott’s passion and energy is contagious,” said Smart. “Special Teams Coordinator is a great fit as he’ll be working with all position groups.”  Cochran’s title as “special teams coordinator” is meant literally and figuratively, it seems.


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11 responses to ““The big part was hiring Scott…”

  1. spur21

    IMO one of the best hires Kirby has made.


  2. Derek

    CKS is tired of guys “getting full.”

    Scott is there to ensure the big dawg eats because he’s very very hungry.


  3. Mike Griffith: the Great Communicator.


  4. JP

    CKS is betting that CSC will be his Erk.


  5. Well wouldn’t that make him the “all position groups coordinator”…just asking for a friend


  6. The fretting about Cochran’s lack of “on-field” coaching experience is one of the most baffling (Dawg-related) things of 2020.

    And I was worried about coronavirus in January! Fretting is my forte!!!

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    • I truly dont understand Georgia fans at time. ST is always a group effort, and STC is about organizing and managing large groups, which Cochran was already doing on the field in warm ups, work outs, gym….as well as being the most hands on and personally connected Coach on staff. A player might talk to Saban occasionally but they worked with Cochran dang near every day. He also was the greatest get back coach of all time.

      When Georgia fans said “can he teach how to kick?” …ugh. basically most coaches can’t. That’s why you get grad assistants and kickers go to specialty camps

      STC is about moving 6 groups of 11 in quick order to maximize practice time, as well as getting the right personnel on the field real time. Not about teaching how to punt

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      • Tony Barnhart

        And MOTIVATING them to care as much about their special teams responsibility… i can’t think of a better place for a master motivator to move on-field.


  7. W Cobb Dawg

    I don’t know if there’s ever been a ST hire, college or pro, that’s created such a frenzy. If Cochran is half the man the media makes him out to be, we got a steal.


    • He was so loved at Alabama he had multiple pregame vids featuring him. All San had to do was give him an on field role, but he thought he could throwing money at him.


  8. practicaldawg

    I bet Saban wishes Cochran was in Tuscaloosa holding the players together now more than ever. Huge loss for them, especially in a year where team unity is so tested.