Your Daily Gator is ready to bet the proverbial ranch.

Vegas, to put it mildly, isn’t too impressed with Kyle Trask.

According to FoxBet, six Alabama Crimson Tide football players have 66-to-1 or better odds to win the Heisman Trophy next year, including quarterbacks Mac Jones (20/1)…

Jones sits with the eighth-best odds to bring home the coveted award. The only players with better odds than the redshirt junior are Ohio State’s Justin Fields (7/2), Clemson’s Trevor Lawrence (5/1), Georgia’s Jamie Newman (7/1), Miami’s D’Eriq King (9/1), Oklahoma’s Spencer Rattler (12/1), LSU’s Myles Brennan (14/1) and Auburn’s Bo Nix (16/1).

When Bo Nix is sporting better odds than your guy, it’s time to check the rear view mirror.  I can’t access FoxBet to find out exactly what Trask’s numbers look like, but it’s probably not a good sign when I can find 247Sports articles on this story at their Alabama, Georgia and LSU sites — but not the Florida one.

Obviously this is an egregious error, Gator fans.  Call your bookies, stat!


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9 responses to “Your Daily Gator is ready to bet the proverbial ranch.

  1. A quick internet search show Trask at 60:1 by several oddsmakers.

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  2. J-Dawg

    The cocktail party will show everyone how ill-equipped he is when dealing with an elite defense. This will be a fun season if it happens, and it really, really needs to happen.

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  3. practicaldawg

    Nix at 16/1 shows just how depleted CFB is at QB in 2020.

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  4. I think Jamie Newman is going to be very good but, in no way, would I place a bet on him to win the Heisman especially at 7/1. He isn’t going to get the love of Fields and Lawrence from the WWL. If the defense is as good as advertised, they’ll all downplay him as a game manager with an extraordinary defense.


  5. Should the qb @ clempson get the heisman this season good for him….and UGA football goes, say 15-0 this season, i wish him well with that trophy


  6. Dawg19

    Newman would have to get out of the gate early with some really impressive stats and then win at Bama to have a chance to win it. Even then, he’ll have to look really good at Bama to win it. The media is going to tongue-bathe Fields and Lawrence this year. Not that those two don’t deserve the love but you get my point.


  7. Cojones

    I don’t see anything wrong with those odds for Jamie. Everyone else has odds and none of them mean that that athlete will win – it’s just odds, that’s all. If we don’t play a season, no one will win. What is it about the other candidates that should appeal to the voters when none of them are on the field this year?

    Yeah, those guys aren’t singing our praises and the pundits know that, but our job is to tell’um to stick it while we sing our players’ praises. More clicks for them, but if FU and Au persist in floating out what we beat yearly and say they are worthy of being Heisman candidates, well yeah, Jamie has as good as or better chance as they do and those odds are pretty hefty in his favor. What floored me was his odds sitting in the same house as the two leading contenders.

    Jamie Newman, our transfer Heisman candidate in waiting!


  8. “Because he works best as an underdog, we got um right where we want him.”