Danny White is something.

Oh, FFS.

OS: Do you know how much financial impact Monday’s NCAA’s decision will have?

White: “It’s going to be somewhere in the $3-$500,000 range, it just depends on how many of them elect to do it. The way that they did it was smart because it’s a one-time expense. As we look into next year, I think there are going to be a lot of scenarios where there are one-time challenges. We’ve just got to find a way and hopefully, there’s ways with federal and state support, one-time relief to help us get through the next 12 months or so.”  [Emphasis added.]

Sure, why not? Maybe Danny can get the Feds to award UCF that national championship while he’s at it.



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12 responses to “Danny White is something.

  1. Russ

    Jeebus. That guy is really something.


  2. This answer at least shows a small measure of humanity:

    OS: What’s the status of fundraising?

    White: “It’s been brought to a screeching halt. Our fundraisers, our ticket sellers … we’re doing a lot of reaching out right now and checking in with our folks and letting them know we’re thinking about them. But people are hurting out there. It’s not the right time to be asking for money. We’re not doing that right now. … Sponsors and donors alike are all dealing with the same unknowns that we are. But there is a whole lot of unknowns for everybody and we’re just hoping to get through this virus here and put this behind us.”


  3. Granthams replacement

    He should run for Congress, he’s got the public speaking BS to advance his agenda part figured out.


  4. BuffaloSpringfield

    Plainly he is a nut bag…

    How do people like him maintain a job. Seriously. Think about that.


  5. Morris Day

    If I were Wilford Daniel White, I’d sue this guy and make him change his name to Bill or George! Anything but Danny!


  6. Well paywall. Senator if you pay the Sentinel, that’s serious dedication.


  7. Maybe a mobile issue then…/shrug


  8. Classic City Canine

    You could always cut down on your ridiculously over-inflated salaries Danny. No way in hell would I support a bailout for athletic departments. They had more than enough resources to create a well-managed reserve fund. No need to reward stupid behavior.

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  9. Godawg

    Does this mean they get to keep the waterpark?


  10. Napoleon BonerFart

    Given that the recent Corona virus stimulus bill spent billions on pork for arts, libraries, public broadcasting, renewable jet fuel, etc., it would be malpractice for Danny White not to have his hand out. What’s better than a waterfall paid for by donors? One paid for by taxpayers.