Nike isn’t your friend.

I don’t know about you, but the first thing that came to mind when I saw this tweet…

… was this.


An abomination, a total abomination.

Coach Mark Richt’s Georgia Bulldogs will wear a Nike Pro Combat uniforms for their season-opening game against Boise State in the Georgia Dome on Sept. 3 in the Chick-fil-a Kickoff Game. Needless to say, reaction is mixed.

The uniforms are all red with black accents. The traditional red helmet will be replaced by silver versions. It does keep the widely recognized “G” on the sides…

Richt, via Twitter, says of the uniform: “We like them. Nike did a good job.”

What do you think?

Me?  I think if Richt had been fired for saying that, I wouldn’t have objected.


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  1. Dawg1

    Can’t get us Silver Britches. They’re essentially dead to me.

    Nike already announced that they will not be paying rent on half their stores today. No reserve fund apparently?

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    • I’m 100% with you on this. How many years has Nike been dangling the “more truly silver britches are coming” carrot in front of us. How hard is it to make some pants which even have a slightly more silver appearance? We’re not asking to look like tin foil. Just something that doesn’t look matte grey.

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      • Agree completely with the Senator, Dawg1, and Jared S.

        Those Boise St. uniforms were almost entirely red–and it wasn’t that deep UGA red I love. It was some weird Kool-Aid red. Fruit punch red. Whatever you call it, it was terrible.

        I love hearing every damn year “We’re still working with Nike on those silver britches.” How long does it take? This isn’t a mission to Mars. It’s a pair of football pants.


  2. Scuba

    Nike only cares about Nike profits. Those who allowed the Power Ranger uniforms should never be forgiven. My hope is to live long enough to be able to forget that game and everything associated with it. I agree if the day Mark Richt made that statement he was fired I would have been OK with it. Prior to that game I still thought CMR could right the ship.


    • When a company controls 40ish % of market share, with a huge foothold in many major d-1 conferences and universities..they have a tendency to shovel shit to university individuals who look skyward during a rain storm to see if it’s raining, let alone say “that just doesn’t look like our university or brand”…very few of nike$ deviation uniform$ are ok, high def does nothing for univ. of oregon apparel


  3. Spike

    I was at that game. Ugly unis and an ugly game. Screw Nike for a lot of reasons. I’ll save them for the appropriate Playpen.


    • Athens Dog

      If you recall we evidently put more preparation into the tailgate than the coaches did into the gameplan………horrible, horrible uniforms. Never again


      • Spike

        Oh, I do recall it! One of your best productions evah! It was hot, be we had a great time at that one!.. except for the game.


    I remember reading this prior to the game with a tiny, nagging, sense of foreboding that was easily drowned by Kool-Aid.
    It was after this game I realized that my father was clairvoyant, as he said “Georgia better watch their ass, Boise’s a pretty good football team.”
    CMR and CMB lost me at this game.


  5. practicaldawg

    This is the first thing I’ve seen that makes me feel better about the season not being played.

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  6. HiAltDawg

    Let’s be honest, Senator, the only reason you EVER wanted Preacher Coach fired is because you’s one of dem “War on Christmas” Lamestream Media, anti Christian Folk Commie bigots!!!!!!!!

    Oh yeah,

    APRIL FOOLS!!!!!!

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  7. Russ

    I’ve always been a big CMR fan, but that certainly justified firing. Hideous costumes.

    I’m still pissed at Nike for their new “bulldog” logo that came straight from an 80’s clip art software pack.

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  8. DCBasham

    F*ck Greg McGarity. His time will come, hopefully very soon. There’s a Netflix worthy documentary about his involvement with the UGA athletic department. He is the worst. Unfortunately he is what we deserve.


  9. dawgtired

    The thing that really irritated me when all that took place, was, Nike had modified other team’s uniforms, and made them look good with little modification. They could have easily taken an already great looking UGA uniform and simply spiced it up, keeping the main features that represents UGA’s recognizable, storied appearance. I feel Nike’s heart was not in it for Georgia like it was for other teams. We didn’t look like ourselves.


  10. Bob

    Believe in Something, even if it means sacrificing everything. lol

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  11. Bourbon Dawgwalker

    Bitching about alternate uniforms is peak “OK, Boomer” Georgia fan


  12. The red pants were a staple in the uniform back in the day with the WHITE top. I wouldn’t mind a Cocktail Party throwback uni with red pants one year as the visiting team.

    The red on red in that game was hideous. The silver helmet was supposed to be a throwback but pulled off horribly. The GEORGIA on everyone’s jersey was just dumb.

    Bring back the black tops for more than recruiting pictures!


  13. 3rdandGrantham

    Back then is when I had a fairly close friend who was close to the program, thus I would get all sorts of insights from him. That was one of the quite a few games where he flat out told me, “there’s no doubt we are going to lose this game.” At the time I scoffed and thought there was no way we would lose to 2 star athlete Boise State, but sure enough he was right.

    If I recall, CMR’s theme in the pre-season that year was ‘get on the energy bus!’, which players naturally laughed at.


  14. Honestly, I think silver helmets, on occasion, would be dope. But not with a red strip down the middle. Make it a broad black stripe, with red pin stripes on either side.


  15. DavetheDawg

    I’m still pissed at Nike for supplying all those shitty baseball bats that would frequently shatter during our last College World Series appearance vs. Fresno State.

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  16. Mark

    Well, you’re going to be outfitted by either Nike, Adidas, or Under Armour in today’s college game. Nike is no worse than the others and have had a long-standing relationship going back to Dan Magill and his Nike tennis sweaters.

    They’ll only make the uniform as bad as the school lets them. Look at Clemson, LSU, Bama, Texas, USC as keeping traditional looks while Oregon and some others let them do whatever they think will get them attention. While the silver pant issue is perplexing, the current look is very clean and traditional. If Kirby won’t even pull out the black jerseys I don’t think we have to worry anymore about Nike having their way with our unis.

    It’ll be interesting to see if their about to make the Falcons, Bucs, Browns and Rams better or worse.

    Take care and stay safe fellas!


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  17. BuffaloSpringfield

    Spot on Senator, when I first saw these I thought why is Utah playing Boise….. ghastly and horrid.
    Somethings can’t be unseen.


  18. Eddie Atkins

    What do you expect from a company that makes Colin Kaepernick the face of their company and rewards him with 6 billion dollars? Their statement was, “Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything” They could have chosen former NFL star Patrick Tillman, who gave his life fighting for his country, but instead chose Kaepernick, who really gave nothing, but caused a big divide in this country with his absurd protests. I haven’t watched the NFL and the Falcons since seeing Arthur Blank and the rest of the team taking a knee in support of this traitor instead of supporting our soldiers and police. Maybe, I will watch again now that the Falcons have Todd Gurley.

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    • Sir, this is an Arby’s.

      Seriously, your comment belongs in the Playpen.


    • FisheriesDawg

      Caveat: I’m not sure there is anyone out there who cares less about the Kaepernick stuff. I think he’s a clown for the most part, but I was able to just ignore it and watch football.

      But I do find it ironically entertaining for someone to say “they’re traitors and I won’t stand for treachery, but I might go back now that they signed a free agent that used to go to the college I root for.” That seems like a low bar for treachery.


  19. I bought a pair of Nike G logo trainers a few years ago. The annual collegiate shoes. Good looking. Always hear about my red slippers.

    But that’s it for me and nike where I can help it. Some things, like an authentic shirt, hard to avoid, but I do what I can.

    NB is made in USA and as far as I can tell somewhat better business ( I’m sure someone will show up and tell me the they killed a polar bear or something. But I still think they’re better than the other big boys).

    I’m really over the silver britches excuses too. Greg mcgarity has not held that companies feet to the fire so they don’t worry about it. I guarantee you LSU wouldn’t put up with it.

    Since Boise state I’ve had many a very good alternate uniform discussion. There’s plenty of good alternate uniform options that have historical value. We even had gold in our uniform at 1 time…there’s been major anniversaries that we could have done throwbacks, which I think would be one of the most excellent ways to go. 75 100 125 years, 1980 50 years.. 1942 anniversary (and heisman) years would all work.

    I’m totally on board with Kirby and not having distractions that sometimes is called fake juice. But sometimes fan service is necessary for the people paying the bills and it’s something that could be handled away from him. I’m all about our brand (iconic lids/silver britches) and I’m not even talking every year, but I would say somewhere between every 3 and 5 years things could be done that what honor history and tradition and sell a lot of merch for ole Greg mcgarity. Blackout anniversary would be another.

    I also still thing okd man bulldog is the best logo. Maybe I’m old. Never liked the newer spikey angle bulldog. Maybe because 10 year old me got a old man bulldog mask that I kept for decades until it fell apart. Lol. And my t shirts.


    • Old, phones, refusing to wear readers, sorry for typos.


      • You’re right about NB, Chuck. They make plenty of shoes in America and England. The prices are bonkers but you can usually find your size on eBay at a steep discount.

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        • And killing polar bears is not always a bad thing, you know. I don’t think you can outrun a polar bear whether you’re wearing Nike’s or New Balance.

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          • Maybe you could in those fancy new Nikes with carbon plates in the soles. A bargain at $250.

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          • RangerRuss

            That’s why I always tote a pistol in the woods. I can’t outrun a bear, but I can outrun my retired Marine buddy when I shoot him in the knee.


            • Remind me not to go camping with you. 😉


              • RangerRuss

                I’m not scared of spiders or snakes, the dark or drowning. Jumping out of an aircraft in pitch black never was an issue. But bears scare the holy hell out of me.


                • Got Cowdog

                  For you, Sir. A suggestion for handling Bre’r Bear.


                • RangerRuss

                  Thanks CD. I had to break out ‘You Had To Be There’ to listen to the last five minutes though. Also broke out a bit of rum and pineapple/orange juice.
                  I’m grilling at home and there’s nowhere to run. Besides the fact there’s no one to shoot but my wife and shes bad to shoot back at center mass. I got something for Bre’r Bear and it ain’t from my liquor cabinet.


    • Mayor

      If you will remember this upcoming season is the 40th anniversary of the 1980 national championship year. In 1980 in the opening game against UT Georgia wore red pants and white jerseys which I still think is a very good look. Also, during home games the Dawgs wore white pants and red jerseys, also a good look. It would be fine with me if the Dawgs wore those uniforms for this season to commemorate the 1980 championship team.


  20. Classic City Canine

    If they swapped out the red pants for silver ones that matched the helmet and shrunk the red stripe on the helmet, I would love those uniforms. Red on red is a bad look.


  21. Bulldog Joe

    Yeah it was Butts-Mehre at its dysfunctional worst. Lots of things led to the last-minute scheduling of that game and its terms with ESPN and Nike.

    There was an unspoken air of desperation in Athens coming off the losing season and the bad loss to UCF. Throw in the bungling of the AJ Green situation, MF Adams and zero tolerance, twenty players under the scholarship limit, the ‘Dream Team’ and the chances taken on recruiting, the high school S&C program, the 20-yard indoor facility, and the year removed from hastily firing the AD.

    You know…the good times.

    Looking back, it was amazing that team would go on to win ten in a row.

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  22. ETDF

    Just watched a video on the web about a company out of SC that sells college/pro helmets that they modify. They put a black chin strap and facemask, with a visor, on the regular UGA helmet. It looked really good IMO.


  23. mddawg

    The real abomination was the on-field performance that day.


  24. Hardcoredawg

    Let’s not forget they also got rid of the traditional block lettering for new and improved, “Bulldog Bold”.