Filling a void

Need something to take your mind off the bad news while you stay at home, Dawg fans?  Jake Rowe can help with that.


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6 responses to “Filling a void

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    Uncle Vern on Malcolm Mitchell’s TD against Florida is my favorite Non-Munson call.


  2. Spike

    Thanks! I need this!


  3. Russ

    Great list. I’d add 1978 game against the maggots. Buck Belue taking over for Pyburn and leading the Dawgs to victory. Amp Arnold sealed the deal.


    • Hogbody Spradlin

      Great game! The second time Eddie Lee is injured, look at how Scott Woerner comes in at the end and twists a leg. Oops, just an accident!


  4. BuffaloSpringfield

    May I say Russ how refreshing 1978, 42 years have passed. Only 59,000 in attendance but My Oh My how the game to me as regressed. There was instant replay but no hard drives so you weren’t bombarded with endless spots of replays through out the game and no talking suits taking you to the NY studios for game updates. There was even time for offensive and defensive lineups in plain clothes. Refreshing to see. A few bell bottoms and Peppers hat I don’t think wold have made GQ.
    Commercials were long enough to where you could go to the kitchen and make a sandwich and beer before play resumes as in today’s game. No corporate suites, maybe some high dollar tickets but you could still get in if not there was the bridge or the tracks.
    I am disheartened with the stoppage of our economy, the sickness and deaths of 1,000’s but perhaps we as a nation WE come out ( whenever this ceases ) and realize our shit needs to made in the USA. Our government sold us out with NAFTA. We lost cotton mills, factories, steel mills and 100,000,s of thousands of jobs. McDonald’s has over 53,000 restaurants in Frickin’ China and yet our medications we sub market to these sleeve government run Chinese and Turkey. ( where actually our Multimillion Dollar drug companies choose to test drugs over there on their on people ) Corporate America took over and now our national wealth is loaded in the top 1% of our nation.
    We need to come to our senses. You or I have no say so a simple vote for the lesser of two evils. In reality the Super Packs determines who the candidates that we choose from. Give me back 1978, our country, our life make it as simple as the game was played. Just like UGA we’re behind 20-7 at the half but given the opportunity this country can bring home a victory.


  5. Macallanlover

    I think the light will shine brightly on our reliance on China for so many ways that impact our national security, and this will be addressed. How foolish and lax we have become, yet many in the media and politics are helping deceive our citizens in so many ways. And the World Health Organization is as sleazy as the UN as they act as puppets to the communists in China, once again the US citizens are the biggest contributors to both corrupt organizations. Agree we are slow coming out of the gate in this crisis and are again paying the price for decade of negligence in preparing for emergencies that seem pretty obvious in retrospect. This one could change us as a culture, for once Cuomo may be right, we will live differently after this one.