“I think we have to… do the right thing at the right time regardless of the circumstance.”

Really, I find Nick Saban’s take on what would be most beneficial in terms of getting college players ready for football in a truncated offseason interesting.

Alabama coach Nick Saban doesn’t believe extending preseason camp for college football teams around the country is necessarily the best way to get them ready for the season.

Saban said Thursday that he would prefer some “teaching sessions on the field” over the summer to prepare for camp, even if it is in shorts and T-shirts. The coronavirus pandemic led to the cancellation of spring sports, including football practices, across the nation.

Saban isn’t sold on the idea of extending preseason camp.

“If you look at statistics historically on concussions, injuries the most concentrated time that you practice and not play is in fall camp,” Saban said on a conference call with reporters. “You have more practices, you have to spend more time on the field. So I don’t know that increasing that is going to be beneficial in getting people ready to play.

“I think if you could do simulated training programs in the summertime that wouldn’t involve that much contact, or even any contact, that would be just as beneficial at that point.”

Sure beats yesterday’s “hey, let’s use college players as lab rats to see if we can start making money sooner” approach.



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2 responses to ““I think we have to… do the right thing at the right time regardless of the circumstance.”

  1. W Cobb Dawg

    As I said in a post a week or so ago, most players are already in great condition. Most starters are returnees who’ve played one, two or three seasons already. Players are handed a playbook before ever stepping in a classroom. The idea that they need a month or more to get ready for a game is questionable at best. So let’s tee it up as soon as the ‘all clear’ signal is given.


  2. BuffaloSpringfield

    Conditioning to football shape is not something to over look, 6 days in t’s and shorts will not get receiver QB timing, another 6 days in pads won’t get down timing of blocking schemes down in pads and shorts. Backs and receivers are the easiest to come in conditioned. DL and OL won’t really be in game shape till before the heat subsides. Then there is the conditioning of getting hit and hitting. Usually about 5-6 days of contact but then 19-20’s something’s recover quickly but will be sore through out the season.
    If protocol is not followed that’s dangerous. Luckily things are monitored by UGA medical ( Coreson ) staff that each player is monitored by computer technology. Just wonders if that WO DL 285lbs.freshman on the scout team gets the same attention as starters on 3 deep chart.
    21 practices minimum
    If it happens at all and I doubt it as classes start August 16th. At this time of uncertainty I think opening opening at Bama a month later is betting a losers hand today.