Keeping the jersey cleaner

One of the interesting aspects of evaluating Jamie Newman’s transition from Wake Forest to Georgia is trying to figure out whether the net rise in talent level between the schools for which he’s suited up outweighs that of the competition he’s facing.

Here’s one element to factor in.

Honestly, in that regard, Wake wasn’t too bad allowing 23 sacks in 2019, ranking fourth in the conference.  (How much of that could be chalked up to Newman’s mobility?)  Still, by comparison, Georgia was 5th nationally in sacks allowed per game, while Wake was 44th.  He’s clearly getting a boost, protection-wise.



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2 responses to “Keeping the jersey cleaner

  1. The Truth

    He’s getting a boost if the people replacing Thomas and Wilson (and others) perform to that level. They’re blue-chippers, they have game experience, we expect them to perform, but it’s not the same line we had last year.


    • W Cobb Dawg

      And Swift was terrific at picking up blitzes. But Newman’s mobility allows him to roll out, move around in the pocket, or tuck it in and run. Depending on how Monken schemes the offense and tempo, I think this could be a huge advantage for us.

      The question I have is whether we’re still going to grind out unnecessarily close games, or whether we’re going to blow teams off the field early and get our backups substantial playing time. If we continue the typical statuesque QB in the pocket it’ll be a big disappointment… and more wasted talent.