Nick Saban, pushing the envelope again?

Of course he is.

The SEC is exploring whether Alabama will be able to continue using Apple watches to monitor its football players’ physical activities during the league-mandated shutdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic, sources told ESPN on Friday.

During a conference call with reporters Thursday, Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban said his program had provided Apple watches to players, and that new strength and conditioning coaches David Ballou and Matt Rhea were “very instrumental in setting up this whole program of what we’re doing with the players in terms of the Apple watches for their workouts and apps on their phones for weight-training programs.”

Earlier this week, the NCAA released a Division I COVID-19 Question and Answer Guide, which included directives covering what schools could do to distribute voluntary workouts to student-athletes. The guidelines specified that coaches and other staff members “may not supervise or conduct such workouts” and that players “may not report voluntary athletically related activities to institutional coaches or staff members.”

Sure didn’t take long for the new guys to acquaint themselves with the Process, did it?


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11 responses to “Nick Saban, pushing the envelope again?

  1. How can providing Apple watches not be an NCAA violation? I don’t know if we’re doing it, but I don’t think an Apple Watch was what the judge had in mind with her FCOA scholarship.


    • Gurkha Dawg

      Maybe Nick made the athletes promise to use the watch only to track training activities.


    • Saban ain’t got time for this “get acquainted shit”…..


    • Dylan Dreyer's Booty

      It is an interesting question. The watch doesn’t do much of anything useful if it isn’t paired with an iPhone specifically. I have to think that the watches are GPS only enabled and paired with a phone held by “director of sports medicine Jeff Allen [who] is viewing information collected by the players’ Apple watches, including sleeping patterns, heart rates during workouts and other health-related data.” Because if that isn’t the case, the information isn’t supposed to be available to anyone but the owner [Jeff Allen] of the phone. And if that is the case, the only issue is whether it is an illegal contact. Is Ron Courson supervising Blaylock’s rehab? I don’t know, but it doesn’t seem like that should be illegal. I’m a little disappointed Kirby didn’t think of it first. 😉


  2. FisheriesDawg

    I think a 10 scholarship reduction over the next three years as well as a suspension of their starting 11 on defense through September 19 this fall would be an appropriate punishment for this flim-flammery.

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    • Got Cowdog

      Nah. I’d rather us beat the fuckers at their best. I also think it’s highly likely IF we have a season


  3. W Cobb Dawg

    What about the GPS chip inserted just under the skin of each player? That’s still okay, right?


  4. Hogbody Spradlin

    He’s only using Apple watches because he can’t get view screens like they used in “1984”.


  5. Trbodawg

    “It’s good to be the King”