“I would like for the world to go on.”

Good quote from Mel Tucker about the world we’re in right now:

“I believe everyone who loves football would like to see a 2020 season,” Michigan State coach Mel Tucker said, “but not if it puts the health and safety of our student-athletes, coaches, staff and fans at risk. I’m a football coach, so I am going to leave the recommendations to the health professionals and continue to do what I can do to push Spartan football forward in the most impactful and safest way possible.”

For the moment, that’s all you can do.



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7 responses to ““I would like for the world to go on.”

  1. As i reflected on Coach Tucker’s comment…i do not love football as much as i luv me some UGA football, it’s April, August is a long ways down the calendar, watching other football games (no matter the level) i give them their due, other than that i can fall asleep to west coast football and then find out 2 minutes later i missed the play of the day..I’m a UGA sports fan (period)…if the fall season is postponed till next year i won’t miss football, but i’ll have an empty spot on Saturday afternoons, and will still be concerned whether ” the tide is gonna reach my chair”….


  2. mddawg

    And the reaction from the money-hungry administrators of college football:


  3. DawgByte

    What Tucker is saying reflects common sense. The real question is where the trend lines are in late July and August. The hardest issue for health officials and administrators is the the question of acceptable risk. If they wait for the trend lines to get to 0 you can kiss the 2020 football season good-bye. Option 2 would be no buns in the seats, but they still play the games like other sports have done briefly at the beginning of the crisis. IMO that’s not really a solution, because it leaves schools open to lawsuits.


    • I think you have to hope that with each passing day we learn more about the disease. Maybe by mid-summer we know enough to have some confidence about which path to take come the fall.


      • Milton Dawg

        I think that until we have either a treatment protocol that is effective a very high percentage of the time or a vaccine in sufficient numbers, I don’t think that we’ll have confidence about athletic events (for players or fans), in-school learning at any level, concerts, or any other gatherings which will permit them to ramp back up.


  4. doofusdawg

    Well… now I have seen it all. Night Heron Park has the only basketball court on Kiawah. Our leaders have removed both hoops and netting from the court… no doubt for our own protection. Good news is the frisbee golf course is still operational… for now.