“… a productive, but turbulent career”

Interesting way to describe Todd Gurley’s time at Georgia, doncha think?


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7 responses to ““… a productive, but turbulent career”

  1. Sorry, Ledbetter. I don’t think turbulent means what you think it means. If you want turbulent to describe a running back, look up Lawrence Phillips.


  2. FisheriesDawg

    On the next episode of “when people who only follow the NFL try to write about college football…”

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  3. Bright Idea

    Gurley’s teammates at Georgia don’t agree. They called him a warrior.


    • That was AJC clickbait at its worst. I don’t believe Mr. Ledbetter would call TG3II turbulent to his face.

      No one has said anything negative about Todd’s time at UGA. Warrior is the right word to describe a DGD. He had every right to pack it in when he was suspended and tell the AD to go stick it when the AD put out that weasel press release the day of the Missouri game. He came back and was a monster in that Auburn game. That injury may have changed the eventual trajectory of his career.


  4. W Cobb Dawg

    I’ll never understand the mentality at the ajc. They feel compelled to get a dig in about UGA no matter the subject. Its baffling, and defies common or business sense.


  5. Junior

    It sort of did feel like an up and down thing to me. At least after year 1. You never felt like UGA could have anything nice. I would definitely categorize it as disappointing because they never even won an SECCG with a RB as good as him. It’s not on him, mostly the ankle sprain in year two and then autograph gate. Sucks he probably should have played at least 10-12 more games for UGA. Who knows what he and the team could have done in 13 and 14?