Bud’s bold

Here’s something fun — Bud Elliott’s made a list comprised of what he (or maybe his editor) calls one bold prediction for each SEC team’s 2020 season.  Reading through them convinces me of one thing.  There’s bold and then there’s bold.

So I thought I’d rate his degree of boldness for each, with zero being “the sun will rise in the east tomorrow” bold and ten being “ZOMG!!! that’s insane” bold.

Hey, it’s April.  Here’s goes nothin’.

  • Bud’s bold prediction: Mississippi State finishes strong.  GTP take:  I give that one a 5 on the bold meter, as MSU’s last five games involve only one ranked team, Auburn, and that one’s in Starkville.  So, yeah, I can see Leach finishing on a roll.
  • Bud’s bold prediction: Mizzou won’t get to a bowl game.  GTP take:  7.0.  Mizzou won six games last year while on NCAA suspension and, with only two ranked teams on it, this year’s schedule looks tissue soft to me.
  • Bud’s bold prediction: Ole Miss will average scoring and allowing 30 or more points in conference games en route to a bowl appearance.  GTP take:  6.5.  There are four obvious losses to SEC West teams and one of the crossover games is against Florida, so this boils down to the Rebel Bear Landsharks only losing one more game.
  • Bud’s bold prediction: Vanderbilt will go winless in SEC play.  GTP take:  0.5.  And that’s only because of the Any Given Saturday factor.  The ‘Dores aren’t going to be good.
  • Bud’s bold prediction: Arkansas’ offense will win three non-conference games.  GTP take:  4.0.  Those three games are against Nevada, Charleston Southern, and Louisiana Monroe, so, yeah, if Pittman and staff are even a slight improvement over Chad Morris, that should be doable.
  • Bud’s bold prediction: South Carolina will miss a bowl game.  GTP take:  2.5.  True ‘dat, Bud.
  • Bud’s bold prediction: The Aggies will win six SEC games for first time since 2012.  GTP take:  6.5.  Considering that TAMU will have to beat Auburn, LSU, or Alabama to notch six wins and that only LSU is a home game, it’s a little bold, as A&M didn’t really look good against any of them in 2019.
  • Bud’s bold prediction: Kentucky will win eight games.  GTP take:  5.0.  There are four tough games on the schedule and the ‘Cats best player is gone, so there’s no margin for error there, but Stoops is an underrated coach.
  • Bud’s bold prediction: Auburn’s offense will not look much different under Chad Morris.  GTP take:  0.  The biggest duh on Bud’s list.  The only question is whether we hear Gus vow to take back playcalling in 2021.
  • Bud’s bold prediction: Florida’s rushing attack will improve.  GTP take:  2.5.  It could hardly be worse and the offensive line should be better.
  • Bud’s bold prediction: LSU will emerge as a 2021 national title favorite by the end of 2020.  GTP take:  2.5.  LSU recruits well and pundits now take Orgeron seriously.
  • Bud’s bold prediction: Vols will improve, but might not show in win column.  GTP take:  2.5.  It’s not your daddy’s November anymore, Vols.
  • Bud’s bold prediction: Alabama will have its best defense since 2017.  GTP take: 5.5.  I actually think this one’s a little spicy, because of all the back and forth on personnel.  Oh, the Tide’s D will be good, but who’s gonna be that dominant stud in the middle that made the ’17 version so formidable?
  • Bud’s bold prediction: Georgia’s defense will be so good, it won’t matter that Jamie Newman did not get a spring practice with new OC Todd Monken.  GTP take:  1.5.  Gawd, I hope so.

And your thoughts?



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  1. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    “Georgia’s defense will be so good, it won’t matter that Jamie Newman did not get a spring practice with new OC Todd Monken.”

    Well, it was almost true last year with Coley directing Jake and a dinged line, dinged RB group, and Cager injured for significant games, and Newman isn’t exactly a rookie, so yeah, that makes sense. But at the same time1) Newman hasn’t faced SEC speed (which isn’t to say he can’t handle, but I think you do have to experience it to adapt to it), and 2) I am a little concerned that Kirby thinks that the D will be that good and that he doesn’t worry about the O enough.
    The Big Question is will we get to find out?


    • He does have to practice against it though. Iron sharpens iron. Hes already better than a good portion of the competition we face.

      Your comment triggered a memory of when they (D)said having a practice against Chubb and Michel wasn’t fair. Lol

      But we certainly need to fully exercise the O in the 2 games before Alabama. All that saving plays saving the playbook crap not needed, And I don’t think Monken thinks that way anyway

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  2. MGW

    Odds on the Bama game are much longer without time to install the O and get Newman comfortable with everyone but aside from that he’ll have time to develop and a great D to give him some mulligans. Long as it’s our only SEC loss if we do lose, we’ll head to Atlanta with a much better offense than the one that will see Bama in the regular season.


  3. The other Doug

    You asked for thoughts…

    LSU being a national title FAVORITE is about a 9 out of 10 on the bold meter. I can see them being ranked and maybe winning the West, but they’re going to miss Burrow.

    SCAR is gonna be a train wreck. Not bowl eligible is a 2.5 on the meter.

    Bama is going to need their defense to be better than 2017.

    I can see UF’s rushing attack improving, but how much? They were 13th in the conference last year in yards per game on the ground. They can’t get to 6th with Trask.

    The Vols will be better, so that’s not a bold statement.

    UGA will need a better offense and Newman has to be part of that. We proved last year that Man Ball doesn’t work.


  4. dawgtired

    Well that was fun. We need more football talk like this. Life has been so depressing lately.
    MsSt – “finishing strong and clicking by the time Mizzu comes to town”? Mizzu is the first of the last 4 games that includes Uk, BamaA&M and Ole Miss. It’s not a stretch to claim a strong finish when those 4 are preceded by the three best they’ll play.

    Mizzu – agree that 7 wins looks doable.

    Ole Miss – no clue here but a decent offense and bad defense seems about right.

    Vandy – yep, they will suck.

    Arky – 3 non conference wins? Well, Kent St & CharSo are freebies, hopefully they stay focused with ULM to complete the prediction.

    TA&M – agree it will take an upset to get that 6th win, of course they can get upset too.

    UK – I’m not feeling eight wins for them.

    Aub – I don’t expect any thing other than what they’ve been on offense, and I like it that way.

    UF – improved rushing game? That’s no stretch. But how much will they run when they have the Heisman QB?

    LSU – On top in 2021? Let me see how they do without Burrows this season…if we have one.

    UT- how could they not improve? They have 4 losses on the schedule, one slip up and they’re back at 8-5.

    Bama – best D since 2017? That only includes being better than 2018 & 2019…I can see it.

    Georgia – The power of the D – I’m a believer!


  5. So,

    One thing I would love for this season, if we have to do a shorter season or cancel games, is to have no playoffs and basically have exhibition games. I think it would be some of the most fun college football as had and people would remember what’s important.

    Can you imagine Georgia Florida if it’s 1 of 5 games this year as an example?

    And a shorter season with less games would get some paychecks flowing get some economy going and get things towards normalcy.

    On the flip side if you live somewhere like I do, where we’re locked down like everybody else, but the virus is not really here yet, I think this thing’s gonna have a secondary explosion in the fall. Like hurricane Michael getting through the onslaught is one thing.. it’s the recovery months years later where the real work is at.

    I can already see 2020 having an astrik by it. And Florida fans claiming it doesn’t count because it wasn’t a normal year. If we cant do full normal, I’d rather axe the cupcakes, just send them the check, and the post season. It would still be fun I think. And were gonna need those weekends to work and get moving


  6. 79Dawg

    Read more like “Ice Cold Taeks” from Mr. Conventional Wisdom (hey, he’s back!) to me…