Your Daily Gator nurses a grudge.

I mean, life is so unfair.

Maybe the most frustrating issue that people see in favor of the change is the inconsistencies that the NCAA has had with allocating who should win appeals for playing right away and those that haven’t won those appeals. Georgia quarterback Justin Fields transferred from UGA to Ohio State last season and was allowed to play right away and nobody knows why. The Gators also got a transfer in Brenton Cox from Georgia last year (the same year) and he had to miss the 2019 season.

Both likely had different reasons for their moves, but not many can explain why Cox’s reasons were any less worthy of winning the appeal than Fields.

Look at it from Florida’s point of view:  both players were fleeing from that shithole program in Athens, so why does it matter that Cox didn’t have somebody throwing racial comments his way, but was only leaving because he was buried on the depth chart?



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  1. 81Dog

    Do you really think fields left for any reason beside being buried on the depth chart? If not, why did he admit he thought about going back after his transfer? Why did his sister enroll at UGA?

    A cynical person might say Fields just said what he thought would get him a waiver, and McGarity quickly agreed to avoid any PR hit. I don’t begrudge Fields leaving for more PT, but I have a hard time believing his reason was anything other than PT, no matter what the NCAA and mcgarity agreed to do. So, UGA ends up smeared by innuendo. Fabulous.


    • Fields wasn’t buried on the depth chart. He just didn’t want to wait an extra year to be the starter.

      You think Cox would have started at Georgia this season? That’s buried.


  2. 81Dog

    Maybe “buried” isn’t what he actually was, but he wanted out because he wasn’t the starter. Correct? True, Cox was more buried, but he left because he was unhappy with his PT, too.

    You could just as easily say neither of them was playing as much as they expected, and neither of them wanted to stick around and work through it, so they both left, but both left because they weren’t playing. That’s all I’m saying. If they wanted to transfer, fine, but PT was why both left.


    • Which of the two would be starting at Georgia this year?


      • 81Dog

        That isn’t the question. Fields left because he felt like he wouldn’t play LAST year. And he’s out the door after THIS year, so his window (in his head, in Jan 2019,or however earlier he decided to go) was smaller for PT.

        So, he left for more PT. Cox left for more PT. Cox might have started if he competed, it appears his issue was not talent (if you believe the Great and Powerful MuLLLen). Gators, are right, just not the way they think, on this one.


  3. This kid is a tremendous talent, but had more than depth chart issues at Georgia. Maybe he’s a good a fit at UF; maybe not.

    Mullen has had to take some ‘character’ risk. It could really pay off; or this program could blow up.

    Neither would surprise me. What I a =m sure of, is that Georgia isn’t going anywhere and that will surprise many Gators – regardless of how they perform.


  4. DawgByte

    Someone should point out to FU fans that the difference is one player had an attorney representing him, while the other had a Parole Officer.

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  5. Texas Dawg

    The better example of not getting to play immediately after transfer is Luke Ford. No better example of hypocrisy on the part of the NCAA than denying him when.


    • 81Dog

      I absolutely agree here. Ford had a legit family reason to go back near home. He didn’t use a BS excuse to facilitate his decision to leave that was based upon his lack of playing time.

      Just my opinion, of course.


  6. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    The Swamp People are a breed apart, but they aren’t wrong here; the rules and the NCAA process mystify. Comparing Fields and Cox isn’t the best example because I grant that Fields had an attorney and Cox had a probation officer line has some merit. It doesn’t have that much merit, though, because if Cox had stayed he would have played; what is the difference between Athens and the swamp as far as playing time?

    But the real mystification is Luke Ford to me. That guy had at least as legitimate reason to transfer as Fields and the NCAA could only say that the Magic 8 Ball said, “Sorry, kid”.

    The Gators suck, but they aren’t wrong here.


  7. Don’t think Shitty/Belligerent attitude gets a waiver. Smarts comments regarding recruiting certain personal traits in the coming years had BC (among others) fingerprints all over it.


  8. lostdawg3



  9. Hobnail_Boot

    Say it with me: they were both buried on the depth chart. I knew you could do it.


  10. W Cobb Dawg

    The ncaa might have okayed Cox. But instead of submitting the paperwork, Grantham used hand signals.


    • wallybuttsin

      Was that a throat slash, or a bird? I gleefully threw out my defensive sign cheat sheet years ago…