Coaches say the darnedest things, part two

Don’t you think Mississippi State’s AD regrets not including a clause in Mike Leach’s contract prohibiting the Pirate from posting anything on social media without the school’s consent?

In a statement, MSU athletic director John Cohen expressed disappointment in Leach’s tweet.  He also stated that the university is confident that Leach has learned from what was described as a “misstep.”

Below is the statement, in its entirety.

No matter the context, for many Americans the image of a noose is never appropriate and that’s particularly true in the South and in Mississippi. Mississippi State University was disappointed in the use of such an image in a tweet by Coach Mike Leach. He removed the tweet and issued a public apology. The university is confident that  Coach Leach is moving quickly and sincerely past this unintended misstep and will provide the leadership for our student-athletes and excitement for our football program that our fans deserve and that our students and alumni will be proud to support.

To ensure that Leach has learned from his “misstep,” Mississippi State also announced the following steps it will take when it comes to its head football coach.

Cohen said that a plan is in place for Coach Leach to participate in additional listening sessions with student, alumni, and community groups and to provide the coach with opportunities to expand his cultural awareness of Mississippi. One of those opportunities will include a guided visit to the “Two Museums” – the Museum of Mississippi History and the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum – in Jackson as soon as restrictions from the current public health crisis will allow.

This, of course, is a laugher in its own right.  Leach is going to blow this off in his own inimical fashion and the school’s level of concern will be directly proportional to Leach’s success on the field.  Good times.


UPDATE:  In Leach’s defense, after seeing this, I wouldn’t blame him for wondering what the big deal is about nooses.



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9 responses to “Coaches say the darnedest things, part two

  1. Cynical Dawg

    I disagree. This statement was the first step to building a case to fire Leach if he missteps again.


  2. 92 Grad

    Oh my, is it remotely possible for Leach to keep his snark output holstered during those “listening sessions” or museum tours? When was the last time this guy was humbled publicly?


  3. Bright Idea

    He just wrote the definition of a “bad fit.”


  4. W Cobb Dawg

    MSU could impose some form of mild punishment on Leach. I hear locking a person up in an electrical closet for a while isn’t so bad.

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  5. In the context he used it there was no big deal. I guess maybe if your anoverly sensitive husband but that is is.


  6. 2nd try. Sorry.
    In the context he used it there was no big deal. I guess maybe if your an overly sensitive husband but that is it.


  7. Whiskey Dawg

    If this situation continues for much longer and Leach can’t hold his mouth he could make history. The first football coach fired while sheltering in place during a pandemic.