Musical palate cleanser, (another) D,JD edition

Another reminder of what a tough year 2020 is:

John Prine, the raspy-voiced country-folk singer whose ingenious lyrics to songs by turns poignant, angry and comic made him a favorite of Bob Dylan, Kris Kristofferson and others, died on Tuesday in Nashville. He was 73.

The cause was complications of the coronavirus, his family said.

The first Prine song I heard was “Sam Stone”.  I hadn’t bought Prine’s first album; the song was on some sampler I came across.  I remember playing it as background music, but when the song came on, I stopped what I was doing and replayed it.

Fifty years later, it still packs a lyrical wallop.

Sorry to see you go, man.

By the way, Roger Ebert’s first review for the Chicago Sun-Times wasn’t of a movie.  It was for a John Prine show.



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14 responses to “Musical palate cleanser, (another) D,JD edition

  1. Athens Dog

    Thought he was gonna pull through. Damn. Godspeed John.


  2. Mick Jagger

    You may see me tonight with an illegal smile …..

    Another good one gone.


  3. Derek

    I hope he has his cocktail, vodka and ginger ale, and is smoking a cigarette that’s nine miles long.


  4. Got Cowdog

    Well shit.
    “Memories, they can’t be boughten …”
    Adios Mr. Prine. It is a pleasure to have shaken your hand.


  5. CLTDawg

    Been an avid follower of your blog for years but never commented. Thanks for all your content and especially the link to the Prine review / article. Huge fan and he will be missed.


  6. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    John fought and beat cancer, but couldn’t beat this virus. I am sad, of course, but my middle daughter in her 40s who had no real idea about him took a client to a performance he gave in NYC about a year or so ago, and she came away a big fan. I’m grateful for that. RIP John.


  7. Mary Kate Danaher

    This one stings pretty badly. Glad I got to see him one last time on NYE in Nashville.

    As I get older, Hello in There just resonates deeper and deeper. How a 22 year old could write such an amazing song about the loneliness of growing old is a mystery to me.


  8. “All the Best” was my divorce survival song.

    “I wish you love – and happiness
    I guess I wish – you all the best
    I wish you don’t – do like I do
    And never fall in love with someone like you
    Cause if you fell – just like I did
    You’d probably walk around the block like a little kid
    But kids don’t know – they can only guess
    How hard it is – to wish you happiness”


  9. Cojones

    Much appreciation, Senator.


  10. 123fakest

    He was a humble giant in my eyes. What an awful loss.


  11. I hope he doesn’t get buried and just all his parts are passed around. I don’t mind the size of his ears. . .


  12. i remember hearing “angel from montgomery” on the speakers one morning at little city diner in winterville, ga. i was on my way to work at my construction gig out in olgethorpe county. it was my birthday & off to a good start.