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Here’s how you measure a gap.

Cool.  Now do Florida.



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This day in history

Readers, a truly momentous occasion occurred exactly one decade ago:  the birth of G-Day QBR.

Never forget.


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Your Daily Gator is… predictable.

As I tell you frequently, I don’t pay much attention to recruits’ verbal commitment stories because, well, all glory is fleeting, but sometimes it’s worth making an exception to the rule.

Like today, when I recommend you peruse this comment thread at Swamp247 that explores the reaction of UF fans to the news that Lovesea Carroll committed to the Dawgs yesterday.  It’s got literally everything from jealousy to bagman accusations, with a wistful Zach Evans observation tossed in for good measure.

Everything you could expect, in other words.  Enjoy!


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“What a cut!”

You know, this may be my favorite Uncle Verne call in a Georgia game of all time.

“Lingerie on the field” is downright Munson worthy, if you ask me.


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That depends on what your definition of what robust is.

Oh, really?

A top NCAA executive says representatives of the association’s top-level schools will be presented with a “very robust set of proposals” concerning changes to rules governing athletes’ ability to make money from their names, images and likenesses.

In a video interview posted by the association, NCAA vice president for Division I Kevin Lennon said: “I think there may be some who are actually a little bit surprised, candidly, at how far these recommendations are going and how robust they are.”

There are all kinds of surprises, Kevin.


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‘Bama or no?

Bud Elliott analyzes the state of the SEC conference race:

Would you rather have Alabama or the field to win the SEC? There are good arguments to be made for both sides of the argument.

LSU was the SEC’s top team in 2019, but the Tide was not far behind. And that was without many of the Tide’s best defensive players who were missing the year with injury. Alabama still has as much talent as any program in the country, and the schedule is fairly friendly by SEC standards. Texas A&M and Auburn come to Tuscaloosa, as does Georgia. Quarterback and receiver are two of the bigger questions with the loss of Tua Tagovailoa, Henry Ruggs, and Jerry Jeudy, but Alabama has capable backups.

If not the Tide, then who? Georgia? LSU? Florida? Texas A&M? Maybe Auburn? All of those teams have a shot in theory, which is why the SEC is perhaps a bit more wide-open than normal.

Georgia is primed to have perhaps the best defense in all of college football. But its offense has been the relative weakness under Kirby Smart, and it won’t have spring ball to implement its new offense with transfer QB Jamie Newman.

LSU must replace a ton of starters and coordinators on both side of the football. And without a spring practice, that could cost the Tigers in terms of continuity. But there is so much talent on LSU’s roster that they cannot be counted out.

Florida returns a lot on both sides of the football and has a top coach in Dan Mullen. But do the Gators have the top-end talent to get over the hump?

Texas A&M returns even more than Florida does, with 19 starters including QB Kellen Mond. Yet Mond is still a question, as is A&M’s ability to hang with the SEC’s elite teams before garbage time kicks sets in.

And Auburn could potentially make a run with Bo Nix at QB and a salty defense.

Before you sneer, there’s a good argument to be made that Bud’s right about 2019 and Alabama.  An injury or two less for the Tide might have made the difference.

This year, Tua’s gone, but all those injured defenders are back.  I hate to use the “g” word here, but is there an SEC team you feel confident in saying has closed the gap on Alabama this offseason?


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Friday morning buffet

All of today’s entries are at least 6 feet apart from each other.

  • It’s a small sample size, but the results of this survey don’t surprise me.
  • Against his toughest opposition, Jamie Newman wasn’t exactly Joe Burrow last season.
  • That being said, Newman’s got to hope Georgia’s next left tackle is as good as the last one was.
  • David Hale looks at what teams lose when there’s no spring practice.
  • Just to prove that every cloud has a silver lining, the NCAA pushes back its recommendations on a one-time transfer rule because it can’t walk and chew gum deal with the coronavirus crisis at the same time.
  • On Tuesday, national coronavirus task force member Dr. Anthony Fauci said he thinks by the fall “we will have this under control enough that it certainly will not be the way it is now, where people are shutting schools.”  From his lips…
  • Bob Bowlsby said the Big 12 has eliminated all year-end bonuses for conference staff, which begs the obvious question of what conference staff had to do to earn bonuses in the first place.


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He’s back, ladies and gentlemen.

And looking snappy.

Look, can’t we just end this charade and give him back his last year of college eligibility?


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