Friday morning buffet

All of today’s entries are at least 6 feet apart from each other.

  • It’s a small sample size, but the results of this survey don’t surprise me.
  • Against his toughest opposition, Jamie Newman wasn’t exactly Joe Burrow last season.
  • That being said, Newman’s got to hope Georgia’s next left tackle is as good as the last one was.
  • David Hale looks at what teams lose when there’s no spring practice.
  • Just to prove that every cloud has a silver lining, the NCAA pushes back its recommendations on a one-time transfer rule because it can’t walk and chew gum deal with the coronavirus crisis at the same time.
  • On Tuesday, national coronavirus task force member Dr. Anthony Fauci said he thinks by the fall “we will have this under control enough that it certainly will not be the way it is now, where people are shutting schools.”  From his lips…
  • Bob Bowlsby said the Big 12 has eliminated all year-end bonuses for conference staff, which begs the obvious question of what conference staff had to do to earn bonuses in the first place.


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14 responses to “Friday morning buffet

  1. Dawg

    In regards to your first point. Same question was asked on twitter but with 70K votes. 77% of people said they would attend a game.



    Re a vaccine…bah…


  3. Paul

    Fauci said the return to the classroom will also depend on the country’s ability to identify, isolate and trace the contacts of people who have been diagnosed.

    The return to classes won’t mean business as usual, he cautioned.

    “It’s going to be different, remember now, because this is not going to disappear,” he said.

    In other words if we can do testing on a national scale. We have currently tested about 2 million people. There are about 327 million Americans. So we have a long way to and a short time to get there. And that doesn’t even take into account contact tracing. We already have quite a few folks complaining bitterly about about the loss of their freedoms despite the fact that this simply isn’t happening. Wait until their friends start ratting them out to the health department.


    • mp

      Not to mention we need to get the error rate down on the tests. We can’t have the current level of false negatives


    • ASEF

      And as of today, the US gov’t is no longer funding testing sites? All on the states now?

      I am sure there is some sort of reconfiguring of resources going on to streamline things, so I am not condemning the move. Just curious as to when we’re going to hear what the testing plan is and how it will be coordinated.


      • Paul

        My fear is that more than a month after claiming that anyone who wants a test can get one, the complete lack of a plan (or testing) means there is no plan and no plan to come up with a plan. It’s increasingly evident that skyrocketing unemployment and worldwide economic turmoil outweigh the desire for a plan. Pretty soon we’re simply going to tell all the young healthy people to get back to work and hope this doesn’t start killing them. I think that would spectacularly stupid and ridiculously dangerous but I have no doubt it’s being talked about. Not in such blunt terms, but it’s being talked about. Please God let me be wrong but I fear that’s as close to a plan as we get in the near future.


  4. Russ

    Schools like Baylor and Arkansas are really going to be set back. Putting in a new staff with no time for that staff to interact with players? Arkansas already sucked so you might not tell a difference. Baylor was pretty good so you’ll likely see a huge difference there.


  5. 123fakest

    It’d be nice if humans would stop inventing deadly viruses.


  6. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    As far as fan attendance goes the fact is that it has already been dropping many places. You can’t just go by the top SEC schools’ attendance, and even some of those are tickets bought, but not tickets used. So to me, it is no surprise most people won’t attend games without a vaccine. A lot of folks are looking for a reason to not spend thousands of dollars every fall. Those folks may have found one.


  7. I didn’t really need another reason to sit my ass at home and watch in HD.


  8. There will be no vaccine. If you know how long vaccines take to get to production you understand it takes years not months.
    On the other hand……A study from Seton Hall, sheet man, they don’t go to sporting events up there when everything is perfect. I guarantee you that number is bogus. Here in the South we be going to the football game. You do you and I’ll do me but I’m going……Seton Hall….Sheez, f—ing Yankees.