This day in history

Readers, a truly momentous occasion occurred exactly one decade ago:  the birth of G-Day QBR.

Never forget.


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14 responses to “This day in history

  1. Normaltown Mike

    A tradition unlike any other

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  2. Hodgie

    Is it sacreligous to consider maybe mettenberger was better. Just asking. I love Murray. Wonderful qb just posing a question.


  3. so the “model” says Murray should have entered the portal…..O sorry no portal. What should I conclude from this? Sample size matters, figures don’t lie but liars figure or you can measure the size of the dawg in the fight but you can’t measure the size of the fight in the dawg. I go # three.


  4. BigD

    But which one of the three can “fair catch” better?

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  5. Which one was really good at bar hopping in Remerton?