Your Daily Gator is… predictable.

As I tell you frequently, I don’t pay much attention to recruits’ verbal commitment stories because, well, all glory is fleeting, but sometimes it’s worth making an exception to the rule.

Like today, when I recommend you peruse this comment thread at Swamp247 that explores the reaction of UF fans to the news that Lovesea Carroll committed to the Dawgs yesterday.  It’s got literally everything from jealousy to bagman accusations, with a wistful Zach Evans observation tossed in for good measure.

Everything you could expect, in other words.  Enjoy!


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34 responses to “Your Daily Gator is… predictable.

  1. To the guy who posted, “Wake me up when they have a top 5 class,” guess what? We are coming and will have blown past you by July. That dude must have been unaware that our average rankings of recruits is 4 points higher than theirs.

    Hey, Handbags, the talent gap ain’t closing anytime soon.

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  2. bulldogbry

    The Gators are still unaware that we’re going to flatten their curve.

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  3. The other Doug

    Can you imagine the meltdown if Evans goes somewhere else?

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  4. They sound a lot like Georgia used to… Truth is, based on 247, their fan base isn’t too terribly different than Georgia’s. Maybe a little more arrogant (still living in the 90’S and the first decade of this century), but not as arrogant as they used to be.

    Same excuses we would make. And then there are two or three that make fun of their own and are much more pragmatic…

    My favorite is bringing up the two (very minor) violations Georgia self-reported. Leaving out that the Gators just self-reported two violations.

    You cannot beat this stuff… Here’s to the nightmare continuing on Halloween.

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    • sniffer

      … but not as arrogant as they used to be.

      Gator arrogance is different than other programs, IMO. They’re profane and vitriolic. LSU people will cuss you and smile and unless you’re Auburn, will feed you afterwards. Florida is just different. If they were to ever return to championship football, the arrogance will bloom into a pandemic that Fauci would throw up his hands at and say “we’re fucked”.


      • Otto

        They’ll even feed Auburn afterwards.

        Agreed with UF and Auburn fans would agree


      • Chi-town Dawg

        Randy, I was thinking the same thing. This quote from their blog sounds so much like UGA when UF owned us. Glad we’ve flipped the script on them..

        “Do we not have the money to compete? Or is our moral compass so high that we won’t play the game and continue to whiff?“

        “We have the money. We just run a squeaky clean athletic department”

        Yeah, right. FTMF


  5. Hogbody Spradlin

    There’s a little cherry on this sandae too. We flipped him from South Carolina. Two birds with one stone FTW!

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  6. Oh a little spice of gator tears to go with my coffee this morning. Thanks Senator!


  7. dawgtired

    We got hit with two recruiting violations? I missed that. Some of those gators seem honest about what’s happening and I feel their pain. We’ve been there. The others making excuses or accusations just make it so much more fun!


  8. W Cobb Dawg

    Gator fans should just relax and accept these things… like Mullen is doing at Lake Oconee 😀

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  9. ugafidelis

    I had to quit after, “we run a squeaky clean athletic department.” I couldn’t take it any more.


  10. spur21

    Under Mullen the Gators have a pattern of vaulting to the top of the recruiting board because the get a bunch of commits early. Those commits are usually low 4’s or 3’s. Mullen then takes his foot off the gas and heads for the lake,
    It’s comical as the fans get all excited by their lofty rating in April then the balloon deflates and the rest of the SEC roars out of the gate.

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  11. Uglydawg

    That thread has it all! Jealousy, denial, sour grapes, hope, despair, ridiculousness, etc. UF is becoming a a tinder box sitting on an overfilled dumpster. Mullens must win the East and soon.
    S-O TMF!

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  12. Normaltown Mike

    What should be obvious is that tho he plays at IMG, the kid is fro Warrenton which is about the most Georgia part of Georgia. Right in there with places like Thompson and Sandersville, it’s serious Dawg Country.

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  13. Cojones

    Those guys are bummed! And they are accumulating the years of embarrassment into a final scream of recruitment dropsy. When I saw them ranked #2 with their original 14, I laughed then at the appearance of average to just above average players rapidly grabbing those verbals for scholly. Then their few 4* players began to drift… … . If you watch this on a slow drip, it’s even more fun to watch FU fans writhe under the impending recruitment rout.

    Didn’t know you could openly indict two IMG coaches for payoffs without a scintilla of proof; like a schoolboy cheering without contemplating the legal ramifications. This was not innuendo.


  14. That thread was glorious


  15. practicaldawg

    At what point does CKS start linking to Swamp247 to help UGA recruiting? It’s become a parody of UF football.


  16. Wake me up when UGA has a top 5 class. Not worried

    That has to be the stupidest comment on the entire board. Must have been made by Corrine.

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