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Saturday Dawg porn

C’mon, admit it — you could use a little.

“George Pickens had this great year despite… Georgia’s offense, passing offense, I mean anybody that watched them this year, including Georgia fans, would tell you that it left a lot on the table, a lot to be desired,” Power said. “You look at maybe the offense last year or in the 2018 season, Mecole Hardman had 500 receiving yards in that offense and obviously out performed that a bunch in the NFL. It was an offense at Georgia that was a lot more run-focused and didn’t really spread the ball around a lot from a passing standpoint. So I think with Todd Monken coming in, Todd Monken is known as a hyper-aggressive offensive coach, play caller.”

It would really suck to get teased like this for the next four months and then have the season yanked out from under us, wouldn’t it?



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So he’s saying there’s a chance.

Greg Sankey ain’t giving up on SEC Media Days quite yet, y’all.

I’d like to see PAWWWLLL!!! conduct an interview with Saban, with both of them wearing masks.

And maybe we’ll get that media vote for Florida to win the SEC East after all.


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Musical palate cleanser, encore edition

In my John Prine MPC the other day, I mentioned how “Sam Stone”, off Prine’s remarkable first album, got my attention, but I neglected to mention my favorite song of his.  It’s not social commentary, or about a political subject.  “The Speed of the Sound of Loneliness” — what a great title! — is a love song about a deteriorating relationship.

Here, he sings it as a duet with Nanci Griffith, who later covered it on one of her albums.

I’ve never been able to get over how good the lyrics in the first verse are.

Also, if you haven’t seen Jason Isbell’s tribute to Prine, take a sec to read it here.


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