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“This is probably the toughest debate of the 2020 preseason prediction process.”

Really, Athlon?

I will grant you Florida has the edge in the scheduling department and that, unlike Georgia, it has a returning quarterback in Kyle Trask who didn’t shit the bed last season.  But that’s about it.

My hope is that at season’s end, Kirby says something snarky to every pundit who rolled with “but muh spring practice!”.



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Two guys talking…

… and then, one of them sez,

“Hey, can I just quiz you real quick?” Elliot said. ‘Is there any position on Georgia’s defense that you’re not sold on? I’m just looking up and down this roster. Like Channing Tindall is fighting for playing time. I love that guy coming out of high school – he was freaky. Nakobe DeanNolan Smith, and Adam Anderson. All these dudes are just they’re freaky man. And the secondary is stupid good as well. They might not give up 30 points all year.’

And the other one’s like, all, “I know, right?”

‘No, I (agree) 100% and I think that’s what’s encouraging is not only do they have really good players, they got really good depth. They’re bringing in guys that can play as true freshmen and are going to push the guys in front of them. They’ve got waves of front seven players they can run at you – outside linebackers, inside linebackers. They’ve got waves of back end players that they could run at you.

‘I think the fact that they can foster this competition in their roster and their secondary. Whoever is going to play that star position is sort of unknown, because there’s just a bunch of guys that can and they got to find out who the best one is. I think all those things are the dynamics and the tenants of a roster that can really make some noise. So I’m very much a believer in Georgia for next year.”

Man, I really want to see this team play.


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Flunked out of RBU

This is some list you got, Mickey.

At first glance, I thought it was an April Fools joke… but, nah.


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