Requiem for a three-year starter

Andy Staples ($$) sums up Jake Fromm:

If Georgia’s Jake Fromm is available at this point, the Bucs should grab him. Fromm regressed in 2019 after excellent freshman and sophomore seasons, but that may have more to do with playcalling and supporting cast than any deficiencies with Fromm himself. He’s still the guy who took his team to an SEC title and a national title game berth as a true freshman. His physical tools don’t measure up to the tools of, say, Washington QB Jacob Eason. But remember, Fromm replaced an injured Eason as Georgia’s QB in 2017, and even when Eason got healthy, he didn’t get the job back because Fromm had the Bulldogs rolling. Brady, who also got dinged for his lack of athleticism and arm strength when he was in the draft, would be the perfect teacher and Fromm the perfect understudy.

Agree or disagree?


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24 responses to “Requiem for a three-year starter

  1. James Stephenson

    As a Falcons fan, I can not want him to go to the Bucs, Saints, Panthers or Patriots. Otherwise, I will not be able to pull for him.


  2. Salty Dawg

    I agree! That would be awesome for Jake to be TB understudy! They seem to both be genuine guys and I think it would be a win-win! GO DAWGS and Bucs! I use to never tune into NFL games but that changed in 2018 when the 2017 Dawgs were drafted. I love watching former Dawgs play and most do well in the league!


  3. Jack Klompus

    Was doing some pondering about Fromm last night. I totally agree with what Staples is saying. While I don’t think he’s Brady, I think he has the Brady mindset of working harder than anyone else and making his opportunities. He suddenly didn’t become just an above-average QB in one year. He’s still the guy he was his first two years. NFL teams would be much better served to judge him based on his time with Cheney than his time under Cooley.

    I do disagree about “developing” under Brady. Protege/Mentor QB relationships are pretty much non-existent, just ask Brock Osweiler. So, I don’t think I see Brady as a “teacher.” I think I’d more so point to development under Bruce Arians.


  4. Derek

    Anything is possible, but I have my doubts. Fromm’s record when he threw over 30 times was atrocious. Meaning that when the run game got shut down and we had to put the game on Jake, we came up short. Every time.

    The NFL is a pass first league. 2/3rds of the starting qb’s will throw over 30 times each and every week in the NFL. Jake hasn’t blossomed under those conditions. He’s played his best when he augmented the offense.

    I’m not sure there is much room in the league for guys who are asked not to lose the game mainly because the rules have been modified to help protect the qbs and advantage receivers. It used to be that an athletic qb would get himself killed physically and throw too many picks. Not any longer.

    Receivers are allowed to get themselves open with push offs and “rubs”, they can cross the middle with impunity and qbs might as well be wearing non-contact jerseys.

    I thought Murray had a shot and he never got a regular season snap. I think Murray was as good in getting us in the right play, decision-making and had a better arm than Jake.

    Jake was better under pressure of the moment tho. Aaron got “big eyed” too many times for my taste.

    Everyone says “X” may be the next Drew Brees, but so far, there is only one Brees. Jake is next up.

    I hope he wins 7 SB’s but I have serious doubts. If he does light it up in the NFL, we’ll know Coley was a complete disaster.


    • junkyardawg41

      I have to agree. I want Fromm to be successful but there are so many things that go into whether a QB makes it or not — regardless of where they are drafted. Right team, right fit, right salary cap situation, etc. There are 32 teams — and 5-7 QBs that are drafted every year. The odds at QB are definitely long odds.


    • The other Doug

      I think Staples is talking about the Bucs using one of their 4th round picks for Fromm, and that seems about right.


  5. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    Bah. I’ve said it before and I still believe that Jake is going to the Patriots. It has been said that Jake is no Tom Brady, but neither was the actual Tom Brady any good until he got in a system that fit. Same thing for Drew Brees, for that matter.


  6. ASEF

    Brady is notoriously insecure, especially when dealing with “understudies.” Brady wants all the attention of the coaches. It would not be a good development spot for Jake.

    Jake needs a team with a roster profile like the Titans. Defense, running game, play action, accurate boundary shots. Not a sling-it-all-over-the-map offense. Jake is never going to be the QB who puts a team on his back and carries them to a title.

    Worst-case, he ends up with 10 years of back-up checks and retires a very rich man with no degenerative health issues.


    • Timphd

      I know it is sacrilege to many of you, but I am a Pats fan living in Maine. I got more coverage of Brady as a result than most of the country. His reputation is NOT that he will mentor. He demanded all the practice snaps, not allowing understudies to get any meaningful practice reps. He may have changed, but I doubt it. His work ethic is something to be modeled but other than that, his reputation was that he was totally focused on what he needed to do to stay at his level of skill and dominance. He could care less about the other guys in the room developing. Despite that, he also had the reputation as a good teammate, but that was with guys he didn’t share reps with.

      I think Jake has a chance to be good, but he needs the right coach/system. He isn’t blowing anyone away with his cannon arm, but many great QB’s have not been able to throw a football through a wall. I personally would prefer to see him with an organization like the Saints, where he could learn from Brees and the staff there.

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      • Greg

        Agree, thinks it is more of the system & coach. That’s why I would love to see the Pats take him….maybe 3rd round if he is still there.

        But you may know more about that than me, being that you probably follow them closer.


    • gastr1

      I agree. Brady isn’t going to help any other QB on the roster one bit. He’s not going there to help somebody else take his job.


  7. TomReagan

    Take it for whatever it’s worth, but Kevin Butler was adamant on one of his podcasts that From missed Jay Johnson very, very badly last year. Many who know a lot more about the position than I do remarked on his deteriorating mechanics, but I’ve never heard anyone point so strongly to Johnson’s departure as the reason. Apparently, Johnson was the true quarterbacks coach, whether in title or not.


  8. TN Dawg

    I’m not sure Jake Fromm would do well in the Patriots system.

    It seems they throw a lot to the TE and to slot receivers on crossing routes, both things that Fromm has never done.


  9. Mark

    I’ve held this for two months but what the hey. It’s all in fun and we’re bored so here you go….It’s one of those he knows somebody who said something deals but my credible nephew in Athens said his buddy’s major donor dad told them the Fromm family, Smart, and McGarity sat in a board room the day he declared and went over all the pros and cons. They’d also set up conference calls for any NFL team and no one called…until (pin drop) Belichick did on the last minute. He said if there late second or third we’ll draft you. Fromm said I’m declaring. Like I said…just a students rumor but buddy’s dad is big $$$ and he did say it. Now, all this was before Brady left so needs may have changed in Foxboro. I just hope he lands in a good spot. He gave us a lot.


  10. W Cobb Dawg

    If Brady were less mobile and about 3 inches shorter, he might be comparable to Jake. I wish Jake success, but let’s get a grip. Jake’s a lot closer to AM than he is to TB.

    Jake’s gonna have to zip the ball into very tight spots in the middle of the field, frequently into double coverage, and with a defensive player either in his face or with a hand on him, and he’ll be off balance frequently. He’s not likely to have the luxury of a clearly superior OL and running game like he had at UGA. It’ll be really interesting to see how it goes.


    • Mayor

      AM never got a fair shake in the NFL. I believe in the right system and with the right coaches AM could have been another Drew Brees. We’ll never know because he never got into a game—even a preseason game.


      • ASEF

        Andy Reid is about as QB friendly a HC as you will ever find. And AM was backing up Alex Smith, not Pat Mahomes. The KC offense at that time was actually simple – play action off a versatile running game, lots of stuff to slots and TEs underneath.

        If AM wasn’t getting on the field in that situation, he wasn’t getting on anywhere.


        • Mayor

          Preseason ASEF, preseason. He never even attempted a pass in the NFL. Lots of players who aren’t going to wow people in practice really turn it on in games. AM is the all time leading passer in SEC history. Reid should have given him a chance in a game.


  11. Bulldog Joe

    Fromm needs a year just to get back to where he was in 2018.

    Put him in a QB starter competition day one and he likely takes the Aaron Murray path out. Put him with a veteran moving to a new team (like Brady, Teddy Bridgewater, Philip Rivers, or Cam Newton) and he doesn’t get much development as these guys will be focused on team leadership dynamics.

    But a year with a well-established, but aging incumbent like Roethlisberger, Aaron Rodgers, or Drew Brees gives him the opportunity to re-establish his skills before getting thrust into the bright lights. That would be a terrific place to launch a career.

    Happy for Fromm getting the opportunity and even happier there is an NFL Draft this month. It’s a much-needed morale-boost.


  12. UGA '97

    good call. Brady’s the graduate transfer, and Fromm get’s to take over after.


  13. Mayor

    I realize this is crying over spilt milk but I am still unhappy about Jake leaving early and I blame Kirby for it. Ok, Kirby gets it now—I understand. But he didn’t get it last season, at least not in time to do something about the O last year. Jake regressed because of bad QB coaching, bad WR coaching and bad play calling. He felt like he had to leave before his chance at the NFL was ruined by another season under Coley. Maybe it’s asking too much but Kirby shouldn’t have promoted Coley—he should have made a hire outside the team for OC when Chaney left like a Monken. I think if he had done that Georgia likely doesn’t lose to SC and there is a shootout with LSU in the SECCG. Even if Georgia loses to LSU, likely a 12-1 Georgia team that is runner up to LSU in the SEC gets into the playoff ahead of OU. If Georgia loses in the playoff, But there is no coaching problem, Jake returns for a 4th year to try to win a natty and as a Heisman candidate. Honestly, I’m pissed off—not at Jake for leaving—at Kirby for dropping the ball about the staff. Maybe that’s a little harsh because no one has a crystal ball but it’s Kirbys job to manage the coaching staff and he screwed the pooch. I think it took Jake leaving to wake Kirby up. Thank goodness he made a change. Now let’s see what can happen with a competent OC and WB coach.


  14. Classic City Canine

    Jake will be an NFL clipboard holder for a few years max and then he’ll be putting that finance degree to use. He doesn’t clear the threshold of physical tools necessary to play well in the League.