Charty McChart

You probably don’t need a reminder of this, but Josh’s graph of Georgia’s offense after the South Carolina game in comparison with the rest of the conference doesn’t exactly exude dynamic.

Somehow, though, the Dawgs managed to go 7-1 despite that.  Well, if by “somehow”, I mean the defense gave up about nine points per game in those seven wins, that is.

The point being that the offense doesn’t need to get crazy great in 2020, given that the defense is likely to be.  A decent improvement orchestrated by Monken, and this team ought to be in business.


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  1. Mayor

    I’m left with that “what might have been” feeling about last year. If we only had a top flight OC……


  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    Well, there were bright spots. We seal clubbed/hung 52 on Tech at Historic Mark Richt Field.

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  3. Here’s my thought:
    1) Coley stunk
    2) Kirby decided to play to do no harm
    3) Fromm regressed even he admits that
    4) Cager fought injuries and eventually was gone and no one stepped up until the bowl game
    5) The offensive line couldn’t/didn’t carry the team as they were advertised – missed Gailliard immensely
    6) Swift fought injuries and wasn’t the game breaker he has been
    7) The tight ends disappeared from the offense … again
    8) We refused to attack loaded boxes
    9) Coley stunk

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  4. RangerRuss

    With the talent on the 2019 Dawgs the only game that should’ve been close was the SEC Championship. In retrospect that offense was a bitter disappointment and everybody knows it. Damn the Chicoms for screwing up Kirby’s opportunity to get his shit together as a complete head coach and of course for a lot more.

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  5. JasonC

    That map is wrong all the East teams are on the right side and the West on the left side. Maybe you have it upside down.


  6. Russ

    That’s the thing people are missing when they talk about lack of spring training hurting our new offense. It’s not like it was a well-oiled machine last season. We won in spite of it usually. Monken has a low bar to clear. Just do basically the same with some obvious tweaks like not running into an 8-man box and we’ll be better. Coupled with our defense and we should be back in Atlanta ready to kick Bama’s ass.


    • I’m kind of wondering / worried about how it’s all going to go after missing all the time with so many new faces. (yes, captain obvious here.) But seriously, how does an evolved, more attacking offense look after missing so much preparation time ? The arm-chair coach in me says (1) lots of QB bootlegs and (2) lots of route combos with multiple go-routes.


  7. W Cobb Dawg

    What a waste of talent! Reminds me of all those amazing defensive players we had with Seymour, Stroud, Bell, etc. and not a soul on staff who could coach em.

    The only good thing to come out of the whole affair is that Kirby appears to have learned a hard lesson. Hiring Luke, Monken and Faulkner instead of more uber-recruiters was a giant step in the right direction.


  8. practicaldawg

    Not only did we not need to light the world on fire offensively last year to win, we won’t see nearly the level of QB play in 2020 that we saw in 2019. Oh except for Kyle Trask, who is likely to shatter all of Burrow’s records and win the Heisman next year.


  9. Anonymous

    Ugh, the X and Y axes don’t start at 0 and are on odd gradations. This makes the chart look misleading.