Today, in stupendously hot takes

Danny Kanell brings it.

I don’t know what part of Kanell’s off-the-cuff opinion I appreciate more here, the idea that P5 commissioners are going cede their authority to a czar (for one thing, talk about your slam dunk set up to get your asses kicked even more in antitrust court) or that a guy who presided over a football league that just declared bankruptcy is somehow perfect for the job.

Stick to ragging the SEC, Danny.


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15 responses to “Today, in stupendously hot takes

  1. josh hancher

    Dan Wolken and Kannell in same tweet? Senator, you’re better than me. I’ve muted both


  2. Timphd

    If they ever recast for Dumb and Dumber Part 3, Kannell could do both roles.

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  3. Spike

    Methinks Danny’s turtleneck is on a little too tightly.


  4. Bulldawg Bill

    I wouldn’tsay he’s full of crap. But perhaps he could use a little extra fiber in his diet.


  5. Doug

    Danny Kanell is so consistently, unwaveringly wrong that if he went on TV and announced that giant boulders were definitely not going to fall from the sky the next day, first thing I’d do would be to run and buy a helmet.


  6. Comin' Down The Track

    This is a fun thread.

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  7. mp

    Tim Brando spent the better part of Mandel’s podcast floating that same idea for a czar


  8. Ricky McDurden

    One of life’s great oddities is how Danny can be so uncompromisingly wrong on Twitter/TV all the time and then have pretty sensible opinions and takes on the radio. Dude has a split personality, no question about it.


  9. W Cobb Dawg

    In other words, Oliver Luck needs a job.


  10. I cant trust a man that wears pants 6 inches to short.