“We’re planning on a CFP…”

I imagine Bill Hancock has a lot of time on his hands these days.

Although if there’s a group of people who could stage virtual meetings without missing a beat, it’s the CFP selection committee.


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4 responses to ““We’re planning on a CFP…”

  1. Bulldog Joe

    Yeah but social distancing and takeout can’t be as fun as expense accounts, liquor, and whores.


  2. Sweet D

    I know I feel better after reading that. It’s a huge issue but they don’t have any contingency plans. Thoughtful response is needed but no group has been formed. It takes a long time to plan the CFP but they could do it quickly.


  3. BuffaloSpringfield

    Boy ! Can you imagine all those people in their condos and penthouses in Pasadena ( Sony ), New Orleans ( Allstate ) and Miami (Capital One) where all of Bill Hancock’s friends are staying. There is gonna be some sponsorships and 401k’s destroyed tonight.


  4. Hogbody Spradlin

    Do they take their hats off before they go on Zoom?