“I’ve been in this league for 20 years. Tampering will be a nice word for what’ll happen.”

Funny how when you boil down coaches’ objections to the one-time transfer waiver the NCAA is currently pondering, it winds up being little more than the widespread appreciation that they don’t trust their peers.

That would suggest a fairly obvious remedy, but I suspect those guys would also agree to a man that the cure would be worse than the disease.


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6 responses to ““I’ve been in this league for 20 years. Tampering will be a nice word for what’ll happen.”

  1. spur21

    I agree in principle that players should have the same freedom of movement as regular students and especially the freedom coaches enjoy. I can also see unintended consequences. Boom is at least partially right – coaches will seek out quality players that are sitting behind other players and swoop in to convince them they will be starters at their school.
    I don’t know what the answer is but this needs to be thought out to avoid a free for all.


    • Penalize the shit out of coaches and the programs that employ them for tampering.


      • spur21

        Yet another rule that will be damn near impossible to enforce but I agree there should be something to keep transfers under some control. Just like we have “bagmen” in recruiting we will have folks slinking around every well stocked team luring players away.
        The only thing that will keep any kind of lid on it will be the availability of scholarships open by the poachers.


      • CB

        Sign players to binding monetary contracts. If a former 5 star RSJr can’t crack the two deep, but is taking up starter level cap space, suddenly coaches will welcome all the tampering they can get.


  2. rchris

    You know, the NCAA devotes a lot of time to arguing that paying players will destroy parity in college football. But no one wants to allow players to move freely from school to school, even though that’s the measure that would produce the greatest possible parity. No more would schools like Georgia be able to enjoy tremendous depth; it would all go to other schools in order to start.


    • Got Cowdog

      The NCAA doesn’t want parity. What the dumbasses don’t seem to understand is that having a reasonable transfer policy and allowing players to capitalize on their NLI would accomplish way more towards advancing production from the golden goose than all the stonewalling and hand wringing they put on now.