Beast mode, beasting

Damn, Ben Cleveland.  Just damn.

If that wasn’t at the goal line he kept going straight, Ben could have driven that hapless defender another ten yards down the field easy.


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14 responses to “Beast mode, beasting

  1. Goal line? That’s not even the red zone. You okay, Senator?


  2. Nashville West

    What’s amazing is that 21 appears to get up and say something to Cleveland. If it wasn’t “Thank you Sir, may I have another” then 21 is felony stupid.

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  3. I think if they had just pitched Ben the ball he would have scored.


  4. Jack Klompus

    He fired out of there so quickly, he had to slow down because the defender wasn’t where he was supposed to be yet.

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  5. Comin' Down The Track

    So, you just discovered that you’re the other guy on the poster…


  6. BuffaloSpringfield

    Kind of like a 18 wheeler with a attack rabbit in the front grill


  7. Down Island Way

    In defense of #74 (in red tops), should # 35 (in red tops) have cut back up field, #21 (bad guys) would still to this day be trying to peel Dooley Field turf from him body….also body openings