Boy, you got to carry that weight.

As little attention as I pay to recruiting stories about offseason commitments to Georgia, you can imagine how much less I do when it comes to Georgia Tech.  So, largely out of ignorance, I was intrigued by this Mike Cunningham story.  I mean, “The latest recruiting rankings are positive for Tech and Georgia.”?  What’s Mr. Waffle House been up to while we’re socially distancing ourselves?  Is he keeping up with his neighbor to the northeast?

Wayul, here’s Georgia:

Georgia’s current class ranking of No. 11 is strong considering it includes only six recruits. Each of the teams ranked above Georgia have more commitments. The average rating of Georgia’s recruits is third highest behind Ohio State and Clemson.

Georgia’s 2021 class includes one composite five-star recruit, Prince Avenue Christian quarterback Brock Vandagriff (ranked No. 12 nationally). He’s an important recruit for the Bulldogs because graduate-transfer quarterback Jamie Newman is a stop-gap for 2020. The 247Sports experts unanimously predict that three other five-star recruits will pick Georgia.

If so, the Bulldogs would challenge for the top-ranked class again for 2021.

Wow.  Impressive stuff, Kirbs.  Now it’s your turn, Geoff.

Tech has just three commitments in the 2021 class. That’s how it goes for those programs that make offers and then wait for the talent to trickle down from the top. But Collins’ track record as a recruiter, first as an assistant and now as Tech’s head coach, suggests the Jackets will move up in the rankings.

Collins did well to just to keep Tech’s 2019 class mostly intact when he was hired in December 2018. His 2020 class ranked 26th nationally in the 247Sports Composite. That’s Tech’s highest ranking since its famed 2007 class that included Derrick Morgan, Joshua Nesbitt, Morgan Burnett and Jonathan Dwyer (Collins was a Tech assistant back then).

Not so equal, it seems, although if you set the bar low enough, I suppose anything counts as progress.  Well played, AJ-C.


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11 responses to “Boy, you got to carry that weight.

  1. josh hancher

    That .906 is middling SEC number

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  2. RangerRuss

    “Those lying Atlanta newspapers!”

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  3. And in the middle of the celebrations
    I break down


  4. practicaldawg

    The closure of Waffle Houses has hit Yech particularly hard.

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  5. Russ

    Well, there’s positive for Georgia (“another potential #1 class”) and there’s positive for Tech (“hey, Tech doesn’t completely suck at recruiting anymore”). So, yeah, I can see what they’re saying.

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  6. Assuming there is a 2020 Football season I wonder what’s the chances are that Coach Ge-off does any pushups on the sidelines of Dooley field in November. My guess would be Slim to None and I guess Slim has left town.

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  7. AceDawg

    GT getting an annual #25-30 class could be ideal for UGA. It can get those classes without taking much of UGA’s targets if any at all, but it will complicate things for bordering SEC programs that need to fill out their rosters with GA high school talent. Tech getting good 3 stars and a few 4 stars means UT, Auburn, SC, etc. all lose a little depth and an occasional impact player. GT with a conventional team and #25-30 classes is no more a threat than GT running the option with #80 recruiting classes.

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  8. Tlkdawg

    While I was aware that fish fry didn’t put any effort into recruiting, I’m still a little surprised that last year’s class for tech was their best since ’07. That’s a long time of poor recruiting. Cant believe we ever lost to them.