Spring is sprung and your spring gets sprung.

You know that version of gallows humor we like to indulge in, the one where we look at a hypothetical downside to a situation and figure it’s bound to affect our football program — “leave it to Georgia to win a national championship in a coronavirus-shortened season”?

Tell me this wouldn’t be so Georgia.

You know it would.



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18 responses to “Spring is sprung and your spring gets sprung.

  1. Geezus

    It would definitely pay to have the kind of depth we’ve been building.


  2. Scuba

    It would be so Georgia to win the NC in a season that fans were not allowed in stadiums including playoffs and the NC game.

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  3. David K

    There will not be a 2020-21 football season or any other sports for that matter.


  4. Russ

    The P5 coach makes a good point, but I don’t know of any P5 coaches who write the checks. They’re on the other end. When that money starts to dry up, they’ll fall right in line with the rest of the money people.


  5. dawgtired

    Spring AND fall football? I’m ok with year round CFB. We have enough depth for two football teams 🙂
    I’m working on a mindset that deals with a life without CFB. My wife is already thinking of all the projects I will have time to complete with the extra time on my hands. Sigh.


  6. Paulwesterdawg

    When that p5 coach realizes he won’t get paid any other way I predict he becomes a fan of the idea.


  7. Ozam

    It would be the most Georgia thing ever to win the Natty in some f’ed up non-fan truncated season.


  8. Bigshot

    Now if I said that, I would be called a miserable GT fan by one person on this site.


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