Another pressure post

In response to yesterday’s post about quarterback pressures, Josh came up with this chart.

The 2019 Georgia defense had the lowest number of sacks on that chart.


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  1. josh hancher

    Yes. I’ll have to find the pod where an analytics guy talked about the importance of pressures as opposed to sacks. They are almost equal. Sacks can be QB, Secondary or D Line stats.

    Pressures are better indicator of Defense. Thanks for posting. I’ll get back to work and stop blowing you guys up soon… hopefully


  2. W Cobb Dawg

    Yet more confirmation we are a bend-but-don’t-break D. Interesting how much different Kirby’s defensive approach has gotten from bama’s. One would think a Saban disciple’s numbers would more closely match.


    • spur21

      Kirby is still building talent and depth – he will get there in due time.


      • willypmd

        I think this year’s defense will be considered fully built.

        The amount of returning talent and depth is insane.

        Not sure a single freshman on defense will push for significant minutes much less a starting position.

        Coming off a top 2 class, that is mind boggling

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    • Bend but don’t break indicates a lot of yards with average scoring defense … In today’s game, 12.6 points per game with 275.7 yards per game isn’t bend but don’t break. Throw in that opponent’s ToP was an average of 27:44 per game. It’s damn good fundamental defense.

      This defense is the best Georgia defense statistically since 1981.

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      • TN Dawg

        I’ll start by saying this, last year’s defense was excellent.

        With that said, we often attribute last year’s somewhat pedestrian offensive output to difficult weather conditions in a couple of games and injuries at key positions. I will begrudgingly accept that prism to view the results through.

        But if we are going to put an asterisk next to the offense, we must use that same prism to view the defensive results as well. The weather certainly effected the opponents’ offense as well and we faced a large number of backup and third string quarterbacks during the season.

        Last years defensive stats are somewhat overstated due to these factors. By how much? I can not say.

        But it was certainly evident that it was not a dominant defense for the ages when they faced LSU.


        • The weather truly affected two games, Kentucky and Texas A&M. I get the effect of that on two games. LSU ran roughshod over everyone. The bottom line is this defense was the best defense in Athens since the 1981 defense regardless of the weather or of one game.

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  3. UGA '97

    2 Things. 1.) Its telling about where college football spread has evolved. 2.) Grantham’s style has likely run out of time.

    Also would be curious to see Todd Orlandos similar stats stack up vs Big12 as well since Kirby credited him