If you’re getting ready for Virtual G-Day…

… here’s something to get you in the mood.

Okay, it’s no QBR argument, but, given the circumstances, it’ll have to do.


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5 responses to “If you’re getting ready for Virtual G-Day…

  1. I know it’s the same recording but Larry sounds different somehow.


  2. Kirby is twittering up a storm. And still 8 million commercials


  3. Watching this team and this energy and decent calling and insane D makes me hate losing to SC all the more. And no Cager really hurt.

    I’m not the biggest Fromm guy but enjoying him this replay.

    Kirby sounds amped as ever at home via Twitter


  4. mp

    That was fun. Agree with Chuck on the commercials


  5. I tried to “record” this version on YouTube tv but it just had the original.