FPI, reshuffled

We may not have G-Day QBR to chew on this year, but Mickey’s crack statisticians have been busy recalculating the Football Power Index.

Back in February, Georgia sat in tenth place, one spot ahead of Florida and behind Texas and Texas A&M.

FPI paints a very different picture now (h/t).  The Dawgs sit fifth overall and second in the conference, behind ‘Bama.  Both Texas schools are outside the top ten… and Florida has dropped another spot, to twelfth.

Per Kipp Adams, here’s where Georgia’s percentage chances to win lie in the 2020 regular season:

  • Virginia:  95.3
  • ETSU:  99.9
  • Alabama:  27.5
  • Louisiana-Monroe:  99.2
  • Vanderbilt:  98.3
  • Auburn:  66.4
  • Missouri:  90.2
  • Florida:  62.7
  • South Carolina:  85.2
  • Tennessee:  91.2
  • Kentucky:  82.6
  • Georgia Tech:  94.2

A pretty lopsided schedule, for the most part.  I guess ESPN’s computers aren’t all that swayed by all the pundits’ “but muh spring practice” wisdom.


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14 responses to “FPI, reshuffled

  1. I’ll take my chances with our defense in Tuscaloosa. I’m not saying we are going to win, but we are every bit Bama’s equal at every position (except WR) on the field.

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    • You can make the case ‘Bama is also better at QB and o-line.


        • Down Island Way

          Which brings back “special teams play”, should the 2020 season commence (?) at the bammers place that third of UGA’s game plan will be elephant size when the fat lady sings…i get that the play of the O-line, qb, wr’s play plus the “D” will all be a part…KO’s, punt/coverage.FG’s will be HUGE in the field position game that these two HC’s play…it’s us vs them, it’s fucking bama, it’s we have outplayed them for 58 some odd minutes, it’s Tyler Simmons WAS onsides….i can only ask for this “we were gone, i gave up, you did too…” and defeat them at home…i’ll take our chances in the seccg later….


    • practicaldawg

      And what about our chances in Tuscaloosa without fans in the seats?


  2. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    What happened in two months to cause that difference? Are they monitoring virtual workouts?


  3. Gaskilldawg

    I guess none of ESPN’s computer programmers inputted what a great coach Mullen is.


  4. W Cobb Dawg

    So away at Kentucky is tougher than away at scu? Hmmm.


  5. practicaldawg

    I think you have to weight roster talent higher than normal this year. Loss of practice doesn’t change any star ratings, but it sure doesn’t help teams trying to coach players up.


  6. Mayor

    You had a post earlier about Georgia winning as an underdog. I certainly would love it if we were able to pull that off in Tuscaloosa this season (if there is one).