Misty water-colored memories

Kirby Smart has some thoughts about his current quarterback situation.

“If we had Jake back in this situation, you’d be thinking, ‘Man, I’m at a huge advantage,’ “ Smart said during his interview with the Georgia Bulldogs Radio Network on Saturday. “It’s just the opposite for us, because we don’t really know what we have.

“You evaluate our quarterbacks, and you look at it and you say ‘I’ve got a guy who had a major surgery, I got a guy that just came out of high school, I’ve got a guy that’s been a No. 2 last year, Stetson, and then I have a transfer from Wake that we don’t know a lot about, as far as in our system, so we have a lot of unknowns at that positions.”

I wonder how many times he’s already said to himself, “that’s not the way Jake would have done it.”  Probably not as many times as he will, once practice is back.


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14 responses to “Misty water-colored memories

  1. Ozam

    Or is he asking himself… “What would Justin have done?”

    I’ve now watched Wake play Clemson and Louisville. It’s hard to compare UGA and Wake, but call me concerned about our QB situation. Given all that is going on, and our D, I predict a more refined version (RPO lite) of our O.

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    • Honestly, I get where you’re coming from with this. The only problem I have with your reasoning is that if you buy into it, you have to disregard Smart’s player evaluation skills. Remember, he’s already said the staff spent a ton of time looking at QBs going into the offseason out of prudence because of Fromm’s expected departure.


      • Down Island Way

        Given “Smart’s player evaluation skills”….i can’t buy the fact UGA’s staff just threw a dart at the wall and said there’s our guy, with the qb’s in the transport portal, i’m more apt to believe “Smart’s player evaluation skills.” were in play, plus the “D”, O-line, wr room and the Staff in place making “Hello Newmans” choice of landing easy….


  2. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    I feel where Kirby is coming from. I hope that Newman is the guy or if he isn’t that one of our other options steps up. As much of a downturn as Jake seemed to have last season he was still pretty good – just not the Jake we had come to know. I am afraid I am going to miss him. I hope I am wrong.

    As a way to avoid too much Netflix I have been watching games from 2012. That is fun football as long as you stay away from the South Carolina game. We won everything but that game and the SECCG, and Aaron Murray has Gurley and Marshall and Malcom Mitchell and Tavarres King as weapons and Mike Bobo has the Crayola 64 count crayon box with the sharpener as part of the box, and yet….even though we won almost all of them these are some sloppy ass games. Kirby has spoiled us a bit I think. I hope we get to see them this year, just so I can see what happens.


  3. Well, his guy was a guy right out of high school at one point. Hes got a lot of options now. He just doesn’t have his baby.

    He also doesn’t have one of the greatest kickers in history. An adjustment there


  4. Sweet D

    I have to believe that Smart knew that there was a good chance King would be transferring from Houston and still went with Newman. Maybe they were too far along with Newman to change horses, idk.
    But how delicious would it have been for us to get King, the guy who kept Trask on the bench in high school?


  5. Pedro

    My confidence around the offense going into last season given the returning starters and the depth everywhere except qb proved to be misguided. (Wr depth didn’t become a concern until hollomans dismissal.)
    Questions do exist, but I do feel we haven’t had the depth in the qb room recently that we have now. Last season it was only Fromm. Newman may not be the answer this season. But all of fromms backups have one more year of experience. My concern about the offense may also prove incorrect in that we likely have 3 or 4 viable options at qb (imho).


  6. Macallanlover

    Hate to say it but when so many fans started turning on Jake this past season I said to myself: “karma would be for him to leave in January and us have to pay the price for those ungrateful band-wagoners.” Still have a bad feeling about that.


  7. Got Cowdog

    I have to say of all the surprises in your MPC’s, that piece of 80″s cheese may be the biggest one yet.


  8. TN Dawg

    The most excited players on the field without Fromm are receivers that line up to the right of the quarterback and receivers that run patterns in the middle of the field.

    They may find themselves compiling more than blocking highlight videos.


  9. dawgman3000

    Jake Fromm is gone. UGA should just quit playing football.


  10. Mayor

    I’m betting now that the coaching changes have been made Jake is saying to himself, “I wish I hadn’t turned pro.” I’m thinking Jake would have been the Joe Burrow of 2020 if he played his senior year. But now we’ll never know.